Alessandro Bacciano Asphalt Alex Bailey / “Instead of Talking About Me, Think of Your Wife”

Alfonso Signorini does not miss the opportunity to incite Alex Bailey vs Alessandro Bacciano During the new live broadcast of big brother vip. He then opens the call home and shows the newcomer the poisoned post that Billy wrote about him, calling it “copy paste.” Bacciano rolls his eyes, then begins to announce “I can’t judge him that I don’t know him in any way.”; But then he has a batch in store that leaves the crowd amazed “I was thinking of his wife more than of me, because once she made them fake horns but the second time I don’t know, because she takes so long to write about others…”

Belli replies, proudly boasting: “I want to give you some advice… I just walked around flaunting my foreplay with Soleil and telling you it wasn’t over.”. However, Alessandro does not collect, but, on the contrary, replies in kind: “Of course not, you are a fake! In any case I do not want advice from you, you are talking in vain! Here if anyone has made theaters it is you!” The question and answer ends with Sully’s support for the latest access on Alex’s account.

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