Venice Film Festival Red Carpet Report Cards: Carla Bruni Imprisoned 5, Controversial Pierfrancesco Favino 8, Dario Argento Loyal 7

Venice Film Festival Red Carpet Report Cards: Carla Bruni Imprisoned 5, Controversial Pierfrancesco Favino 8, Dario Argento Loyal 7
Carla Bruni: imprisoned, 5

My mirror, my mirror…etc…etc. He seems to say it every morning (and maybe even in the evening) Carla Brown. And here she is, at every appearance, showing Stendhal’s syndrome. Imprisoned in her role, she is embodied on the red carpet in Venice: her husband, former President Nicolas Sarkozy, took her to the lake. Former premiere lady Carla Sarkozy Bruni appears on the red carpet in black Valentino. Beautiful woman stay. Of course, given the clothes (always designer) and the falsely lavish pose of the First Lady, she couldn’t break away from the golden age of supermodels when we dreamed of seeing her at the end of the catwalk. In the Lido, a (real) voice will be given to the documentary entitled “The Lion’s Share”, about the important moments of the Venice Film Festival. As if to say yesterday’s magic: it works if you remember it.

Pierfrancesco Favino: Controversial, 8

protagonist forever Pierfrancesco Favino. After his debut at the opening of the festival with “Comandante”, he is still the hero of “Adagio”. He lives up to the film’s title and arrives serenely, accompanied by his wife, Anna Versetti, in black, among the beautiful couples. Favino in a burgundy tuxedo with a satin shawl collar looks just fine. And your debate today about who plays the role of (foreign actors), our Italian legends (Adam Driver in Ferrari by Michael Mann), it would be useful to marry her also in terms of Italian fashion degrees. Made in Italy It should only have Italian ambassadors. Obviously if the style and content are like the actor. Handsome, good-natured, smart-looking, Favino, and exploitable. Our leader or leader.

Valerio Mastandria: Approved, 5

Another beautiful couple, who formed it Valerio Mastandria And from his partner Claire Martigiani. And the latter wins by the law of less is more. The actor is rather less. Dressed in a lapel tuxedo with a black shirt and maroon black tie (probably due to the influence of the sun), he really does form a coordinated frame for his better half.

Giorgia Soleri: Paradoxical, 5

Prima throws the stone, or rather the razor, then removes her hand and blade. On his second red carpet at the lake, Georgia Soleri, former to Damiano Davide of Manniskin, step by step announces her approach to the lido. He did it on social media and wrote. Giorgia Soleri: “I will be the first to walk the red carpet in Venice with hair on my legs.” Let us reward her in quoting her for her desperate commitment with these precious anticipations: “Look, I’m here too.” And since no one will ever know the truth about your long, fiery red look, tell us when you’ll tell us if you used a razor.

Dario Argento: Redeemer, 7

In addition to always accompanying us to his films, Dario Argento has always remained true to his personality. On occasions such as the festival there must be God forbid. But it stays Darius Silver. And here he is, standing next to his daughter Fury (another husband he loves), in a nice dark suit, lace-up shoes, a white T-shirt and a health shirt. But the high quality ones. The quietest man in the world (at least outwardly), the scariest director in the world.

Sofia Racing: Hypercalcemia, 4

Let me be clear, meringues and meringues are a personal passion. And in Venice (and not just on the lagoon), Cipriani excels. Indisputable. Duel challenge is ready. However, the effect of simulation is always there. Here it becomes the inspiration for the dress (FREE DESCRIPTION), worn by the beautiful model Sofia Rising. And the robbery, the rip, the train… increases blood sugar.

Gianluca Vacci: Why? 0

Gianluca Facci has clothes. Nice cut too. direct testimony. And the fact remains the incomprehensible choice to use them rarely. It’s hard to get on a low-cost plane and just carry a backpack. The result is that his arrival at the lido saw him wearing a tank top, tattoos and a hat. Alongside him is his partner Sharon Fonseca who instead spent all the weight of his handbag to buy the perfect Boucle jacket to face the heat of the lido. Let it be clear that the heat does not justify raising the tank. polo shirt? Sailor T-Shirt Pretty Like Gondola Drivers?

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Isabelle Huppert: High Water Effect, 5

Here mythically embodied Isabelle Huppert. But the look is not as subtle as the title of the movie (“The Maestro”), which is associated with the red carpet that the actress treads. A silver, high-rise lagoon aqua-effect dress, with a touch of iridescent fringe. And … the hairstyle after the storm. Together they seem to be out of focus for the diva style. Better than the green, almost leather dress Hubert wore in 2022 on another red carpet, the Croisette in Cannes. Transgression, sure, but then what a spell of magic.

Paola Turani: Penalty kick, 7.5

recursive? Maybe. But less is more continues to win the house. From the red carpet, a studded knit slip dress under a black gown with black gloves, Paula Turani walked with confidence. The Volpi Fashion Cup is for you.

Christina Parodi and Daniela Palazzi: engaged, 5 years old

Everything is in the house, said journalist Cristina Parodi and her business partner, Daniela Palazzi. Together, they launched the fashion brand Crida some time ago. Creators, entrepreneurs and models. very good. To commit…here

Julian Schnabel: I am who I am, 8

We can say. But… a director signs off his point of view from behind the camera. And here is Julian Schnabel, honest in his style. It is only impromptu or last minute. If only it was better. Because it means timeless style

Laura Morante: lined up, 7

And on one of the countless red carpets for the day, there’s also Laura Morante in a kaftan dress, a skimpy kimono and a bit of a visual look. But we’ve always loved Laura Morante. In the group, outside the group. He also stands on the red carpet continuing his commitment to the release of Julian Assange. Fan and brooch commemorating his work and commitment for more than a year with the “My Voice for Assange” committee.

Paolo Ruffini: Shaggy, 5

Rushing to Venice, Paolo Ruffini did everything hastily. a result? How messy. In the dry cleaners, they must have made the mistake of “bleaching” and the two-button suit has lost a bit of its personality. hem? Here’s the perfect shoe for those afraid of high water. What can I say about the necklace: Wouldn’t it have been better to aim for the diamond’s infamous “point of light”?

Ana de la Reguera: The Murano Effect 6/7

Sincerely from Mexico. One could say that for Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera, who wore a glass-shaded, sequined dress that evoked the character of Maureen. Very good indeed

Francesca Sophia Novello: graceful, 7

Who knows if Valentino Rossi accompanied the model, partner and mother of their daughter on a jet ski to the lido? It will be discovered. What is certain is that Francesca Sofia Novello appeared graceful and light in a fluffy pink dress of pastel roses. And happily also with an elegant smile.

Julia de Lillis: Interface 5

The effect of the delicate phone screen, so influencer Julia de Lillis’ every move seems to be careful not to leave the smartphone window. Where in the frame you have to show everything. But… life, real life is something else.

Damien Chazelle: The shirt is enough, 8

Coppa Volpi for the commitment of Damien Chazelle, Director and Chairman of the Festival Jury. In a T-shirt with participants in a flash mob on the red carpet in Venice. And it is an institutional choice: there is also (right) festival director Alberto Barbera. He is wearing a formal suit. But with Chazelle they share the elegance and power of gesture. Sometimes it’s not about appearance that dictates new rules.

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