Khaby Lame is the most followed in the world on TikTok: beaten Charli D’Amelio

Khaby Lame is the most followed in the world on TikTok: beaten Charli D’Amelio

With 142.5 million followers, the 22-year-old from Chivasso (Turin) ousted the American dancer

advanced talent – Fired in a complete pandemic from the factory where he was working as a worker, almost for fun and to pass the time on the long days of lockdown, Khaby Lame started posting videos on TikTok. In these, he mocked some tutorials, found on the network, in which very complex solutions were shown to perform both ordinary and holistic gestures, such as cutting an apple.

The real success came in March 2021, at which time his followers began to rise very quickly: in the last six months of that year, he had earned 47 million. Over time, Xabi has continued to create videos like the ones that made him famous, however he has also been able to develop and expand his content through imitation and collaborations with important sports and entertainment personalities, such as footballers Alessandro Del Piero and Paulo Dybala, tennis player Alexander Zverev and singer Ed Sheeran . Until you get activities accompanying the creator’s activities: it was so boss certificate For the Spring Summer 2022 campaign.

Most followed ranking on TikTok –

On the Chinese social network, it is almost impossible to reach Xabi Lam and Charlie Di Amelio. Direct followers are separated from tens of thousands of followers. Filipino singer Bella Boark, famous for dancing using only facial movements, took the bronze with 90.2 million supporters. Addison Ray, American dancer, singer and actress, 88 million. In fifth place comes actor Will Smith with 72.3 million “followers”.

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