Mother and daughters in the foreground

Mother and daughters in the foreground

2023 calls the referee asking for time, he can no longer. There's still a sigh and a half left to start 2024, and while the vast majority of people are busy preparing dinner and going out to celebrate on New Year's Eve, there are quite a few who are seizing the opportunity. Take inventory and memory What they leave behind. For example, the leading radio broadcaster in Catalonia, Jordi Basti. The RAC1 team has finished off a busy year professionally, with the competition with Rickard Oestrell an encouraging and somewhat uncertain element. It turned out well. On the personal side, 12 months leaves one Remarkable taste: The sadness of loss mixed with intimate joys. He has summed it all up so that his followers will find it interesting and represents his personality well.

The Great Tragedy Dean Jordi arrived on June 12 and in unique circumstances: in Istanbul, three hours before the Champions League final between Pep Guardiola's Manchester City and Inter Milan. His mother passed: “While I was walking around the Grand Bazaar, my brother Francis called me and said: “Jordi, mother is deadHe was not ready, despite his fragile health. He couldn't catch him again Between Asia, Europe and the Champions League. There is no feeling anymore silly Instead of going to the European Cup final and crying over the death of the mother.” The message he gave her on social media froze her blood: “The best mother, the best grandmother, the best wife, the best wife. It is indeed eternal. we love you. Forever, mom.”

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This stroke of fate tops the group of moments chosen by the journalist, followed by:Happier items. Like them for example girls. He has two Georgia and Gabriella: The eldest voted for the first time in her life, and the youngest has already reached adulthood. In celebration, Basti gave him one of his signature radio aprons: “The woman who makes me happy every day I see herAnd that I am with her, even though she is a Rondinaire like her, but she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and to whom I must declare my love today. It's melting With his daughters, no doubt.

Georgia, daughter of Jordi Basti/Instagram
Gabriela, daughter of Jordi Basti/Instagram
Jordi Basti / Photography: Sergi Alcazar

More memories and experiences highlighted by Jordi? back Valtonic“,”The happiness of those who returned and did not have to leave“; fixed target for 2024,”“Last cigarette (hopefully)”; a Huge shot“,”Photo of the first contract with the radio“; or a reminder to the actress Karem Elias, Alzheimer's victimCarmen's love and memories“…I'm sure more than one of your listeners will have been moved to read it.”I hope 2024 is a great year for everyone“Also for you, Jordi.

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