“I found myself against everyone, but…”

“I found myself against everyone, but…”

Singer Ezio reveals the truth about the relationship that developed at the Amici 23 school with other students.

Ezio Liberatore He was one of the students of the twenty-third edition of friends. The interview was conducted by Superguidetv Former singer and student Anna Bettinelli He commented on his own Removal He took stock of his short trip Talent show by Maria De Filippi.

The whole truth about Ezio Liberatore

singer Ezio Liberatore He gave a long interview with Superguidetv in which he recalled his short advertising experience Friends 23. the guy Former student of Anna Bettinelli He told all The emotions she experienced at school Take the opportunity to talk about His coach’s decision to exclude him:

Although it only lasted a short time, it was a very cool and new experience. I found myself moving from day to day into a completely new environment talking not only about the context of television but also about living with people I had never met before. It helped me grow as a person and understand the limits of my personality. From this point of view, Amici was an opportunity to question myself. The decision made by Bettinelli? I expected. I felt very embarrassed, and perhaps, as other teachers also said, this was not the right time for me to live this experience in peace…

I had to leave the studio midway through the episode which left me in a state of confusion. A more introverted side of my personality was emerging and I was working hard to tone it down. In the last performance I felt confident and that’s why I was disappointed with the ruling that was given to me because I didn’t agree with it. With all my flaws, I consider myself a positive person. If I could go back, I would experience this experience more lightly.

About the Living with other children at school, Ezio He revealed that he had met some difficulty:

Before this experience, I had never lived with men I didn’t know. At first I felt surprised, and because of my complaints, I found myself against everyone. My idea was that in such a context it is difficult to make real friends. Then I changed my mind. I have established a good relationship with Spacehippiez and Samuspina.

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Ezio Finally talked about Criticisms received from Rudy Zerbi:

I’ve always had great respect for Rudy. He made me understand that until that moment I had been singing in my bedroom and that thanks to Ameche I should take the opportunity to sing for others. At first, I appreciated his constructive criticism, but as I progressed, as I was doing my best, I noticed that I was always being told the same things, and at that point I no longer agreed. Even when I sang Ermal Meta’s song Piccola Anima, Rudy said my performance was sad.

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