Juventus: A new penalty kick in the standings from the capital gains ruling, what will happen? How many points less?

Juventus: A new penalty kick in the standings from the capital gains ruling, what will happen?  How many points less?
Monday 22nd May will be a crucial day for Juventus’ immediate future (and otherwise). In fact, the FIFA Court of Appeal will convene to re-explain and possibly re-adjust the 15-point penalty imposed on Juventus FC in connection with the capital gains investigation. The new ruling became necessary after the statement made last April 20 by the Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport, to which Juventus appealed. Thus, the Federal Court will, in all likelihood, impose a new penalty on Juventus. How many points? Next year, is the club in danger of being excluded not only from the Champions League, but from all European competitions? And what happens the other way around the salary maneuver? We try to answer every question.

What is the date of the new federal court ruling?

The hearing is on Monday 22nd May set at 10: and therefore, given the official times, you will probably expect your sentence within the day, and perhaps already in the afternoon.


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How many penalty points can Juventus expect?

The most approved hypotheses are largely two and follow, respectively, one Softer line And harder. Let’s start with the softer one, according to which Juventus can be attached to – 9 in the ranking. On the occasion of the first sentence of January 20, in fact, the Bianconeri were sanctioned with -15 by means of direct and objective responsibility for the actions and behaviors established by their managers. However, since the Coni Sports Guarantee Board has accepted appeals from 7 administrative figures (including Vice President Pavel Nedved), it is conceivable that the new penalty is less than -15 four months ago.

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there The hard line, however, revolves around the concept of sentence pain. And the federal prosecutor Chenet, in January, had asked for a penalty such as that of Juventus’ escape.outside the European Cup areaIf this reasoning is accepted and confirmed, the punishment – as set by Corriere dello Sport – could therefore take the form of -12 in ranking Which would push the blacks and whites too far out of the champions zone.

The point is on the salary maneuver

Last Friday, Juventus received an assignment deed regarding the so-called Salary maneuver. The Federal Court now has to schedule the hearing by June 19th (thirty days after receipt of the assignment deed). Juventus faces a series of penalties of varying severity: ranging from a warning to a fine, to a penalty in the standings. There is a concrete risk that the first sentence will arrive by June 30: in this case the penalties will be applied to the current standings of the championship, otherwise everything will be postponed to the 2023-24 Serie A.

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