Road test and reviews of the new 2023 Suzuki Vitara, a truly complete crossover at a competitive price

Road test and reviews of the new 2023 Suzuki Vitara, a truly complete crossover at a competitive price

The new generation of Suzuki Vitara 2023 It has little in common with its predecessor, mainly sharing only a name and a few stylistic elements.

This latest version is geared more towards road use, as it does not have lower gears. Its ground clearance of 17.5 cm allows you to tackle not too demanding terrain, while maintaining good grip on the asphalt. Let’s take a closer look:

  • New 2023 Suzuki Vitara, road test
  • Reviews of the new Suzuki Vitara 2023

New 2023 Suzuki Vitara, road test

there 2023 Suzuki Vitara Range It includes both front-wheel drive versions and more versatile all-wheel drive versions with automatic distribution of torque between the axles. However, there are features that make off-road driving easier, such as the speed limiter for steep descents that automatically applies the brakes to maintain a speed of 10 km/h.

Despite its small size (417 cm in length), The design is characterized by square lines Typical of a mini SUV, it offers a spacious and comfortable cabin even in the back. However, the design is not modern and the multimedia system looks outdated.

Suzuki Vitara It is only available in two petrol-powered hybrid versions. The 129-horsepower 1.4 mild-hybrid version with a 48-volt system, combined with a manual gearbox, delivers quick response, impressive performance and energy efficiency.

On the other hand, the 114 hp 1.5 full hybrid version with a 140-volt system is less lively, but it consumes a little less fuel in the city and can travel 4 km in all-electric mode (under very favorable conditions, according to the manufacturer’s data). However, the smoothness of the robotic gearbox could be improved. It is important to note that the hybrid system’s larger battery reduces boot capacity by 73 liters.

Those interested in mountain roads may opt for all-wheel drive versions of the Suzuki Vitara 1.4. On the contrary, those who want to More economic satisfaction And driving dynamism can be tilted towards the front-wheel drive version.

Reviews of the new Suzuki Vitara 2023

All the 2023 Suzuki Vitara trim levels It is equipped with rich equipment, including many advanced safety systems. The Vitara is designed to provide a smooth ride and also easily copes with city traffic.

the Allgrip 4×4 all-wheel drive system The 2023 Suzuki Vitara is highly efficient and offers different driving modes depending on the type of surface you are driving on. Despite its compact dimensions, the Vitara is agile in the city and still offers enough space for passengers on the sofa. The discount price starts at 21,000 euros.

air conditioning system in Suzuki Vitara 2023 It is of the single-zone type, providing individual temperature regulation for the entire passenger compartment. Some of the interior panels are made of hard, glossy plastics, which may be irritating to the eye and touch.

cockpit advance acceptable level of comfort, although the steering wheel and gear lever could be positioned a little higher for better ergonomics. The maneuverability of the manual gearbox doesn’t quite reach the pinnacle of precision, while the version 1.5’s robotic gearbox isn’t particularly quick or smooth in its shifts.

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