“Awesome Mourinho,” England coach stormed after Rome Sevilla

“Awesome Mourinho,” England coach stormed after Rome Sevilla

not just in Italy and in Spainstinging words Jose Mourinho against the arbitration team seville rome, ultimate Europe league Andalusians won it after a penalty shootoutalso causes discussion in England. “Horrible” It is the strongest characteristic that judges the behavior of the Portuguese coach.

Sevilla – Roma, Mourinho angry and criticized by McManaman

It’s definitely an unflattering designation attached to Special One by the former midfielder Liverpool And real madrid Steve McManamanWho commented on the match for the BBC: “The actions and attitudes of both benches were terrible throughout the match, I was especially sorry for the fourth official (English Michael Oliverseditor).

Europa League, BBC: “Sevilla and Roma one of the most undisciplined finals”

British rule Anthony Taylor in the crosshairs Mourinhothe challenge Budapest in it who BBC: “One of the wildest finals ever as evidenced by the incessant protests from the seats, which are conducted with alarming regularity”.

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