Padovan: “Napoli have both hands on the Scudetto. I expect a bunch of apologies”

Padovan: “Napoli have both hands on the Scudetto. I expect a bunch of apologies”

Giancarlo Padovan commented on Luciano Spalletti’s 5-1 victory over unfortunate Juventus led by Massimiliano Allegri.

Napoli’s brilliant performance against Juventus drove Maradona crazy, but in general all football fans. In Fuorigrotta, not only Luciano Spalletti’s team won, but also the show. Here is an idea Giancarlo Padovan to “It was Napoli, it was Napoli, and it will be Napoli. Humiliated Juventus (5-1) and put another ten points back, about the same distance as Inter, assuming they beat Verona today – mal che va, that’s in case they win Milan in Lecce, the leader will still hold seven points in the second match, the first leg is not over yet, Napoli has his hands on the Scudetto, the third in history, and the first (in Italy) from Spalletti, a successful loser as Inter described him as “Boscia” without knowing that he is wherever Kahn, he made the players and the team grow. This year he will win too, and by a very large margin. He will have to admit that he made a big mistake. I have an endless list ready.”

“I’ll leave the personal question for last. I see that on social media and when I comment on my articles, especially predictions and display of matches, the worst thing about the football arena is crowded. I sincerely hope that results and performances like this show Napoli who has the competence and who is stupid ignorant. Lo We were at a normal time I would have expected a chorus of apologies, but I know these times are for an audience that is heavy and devoid of consciences as well as rules”Padovan added.

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