Salt in the pasta water, when do we add it? What does the science say

Salt in the pasta water, when do we add it?  What does the science say

Pasta is one of the most important Italian traditions, along with pizza. Indeed, pasta is part of the Italian culinary tradition and is roasted in the most diverse ways, but there is a dilemma that has always plagued everyone, when you put salt in water

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This food, simple and rich at the same time, is the pillar of the Mediterranean diet, the soul of our cuisine, and our signature in the world. But behind its apparent simplicity lies a question of great importance, one that has divided generations of chefs and enthusiasts: When should salt be added to pasta water?

The salt in the pasta water is when you add it

We started from a tradition, but it’s time science took over to guide us in this culinary exploration. Because even the kitchen has its invisible laws, mechanisms and rules, and its science, with its obvious objectivity, is able to illuminate the way.

salt in the pasta water
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Salt is an essential ingredient in cooking pastaIt infuses flavour, enhances taste and transforms a pasta dish into a culinary experience. But when should it be added? Some argue that it should be added before the water boils, while others wait until the noodles are already submerged in the boiling water.

So what does science say about it? In fact, the answer is simple, even if it surprises many: The ideal time to add salt is when the water has already reached a boil. The reason behind this saying is based on well-established scientific foundations, it actually increases the boiling point of water, which means that adding salt before the water boils will make it take longer to reach the boiling point. Furthermore, adding salt to cold water can corrode cookware, especially stainless steel cookware.

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salt in the pasta water
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Adding salt when the water is boiling gives you better control over the amount of salt you use, ensuring that the pasta gets the right degree of flavor without becoming too salty. So science tells us that adding salt to pasta water should happen when the water has already reached a boiling point. Small details that can make all the difference in the end result of your pasta dish.

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