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15.41 In Italy the best player is Thomas Bormolini, 17 in 58 inches 7 from the top (0 + 0). As for the other 30 Lukas Hofer at 1’26” 2 (0+2), 74 Tommaso Giacomel at 2’30” 1 (3+2) and 88 Danielle Cappelari at 2’58” 6 (1+2).

15.40 For Johannes Poe, this is the first victory of the season, the 52nd victory in the World Cup.

15.39 Now the race is officially over without any further sharpness.

15.36 The second Russian Eduard Latypov in 7″ 2 from the first (0 + 0), third the Norwegian Philip Feld Andersen in 18″ 2 (0 + 0). At the bottom of the podium are French Quentin Villon-Mailet, fourth at 21 inches (1 + 0), and Storla Holm Laygrid, fifth at 24″ 5 (0 + 0).

15.33 Now we can say: Johannes Beau wins the sprint race in Annecy (France)!

15.31 Arrival of Daniel Cappelaere. 84th place for him at 2’58” 6 from the top (1 + 2).

15.28 Lesser crosses the finish line in 26. 1’17” behind German from Johannes Poe.

15.26 Sirokhvostov finishes behind Bormolini! Blue retains the second margin and maintains the 17th position.

15.25 Buvarnitsyn closes for the 14th time. The Russian lost a lot of time in the last round.

15.23 After 8.2 km Serokhvostov restores land in Bormolini (still blue with a margin of 3 inches). Instead, another Russian Povarnitsyn will surely finish in front of the Italian.

15.21 A painful error in favor of the least at the last goal. The German falls to 21st place after the penalty roll.

15.19 The other Russian Serokhvostov is mistaken with his feet. Fifteenth position for him after the second polygon.

15.17 Nice double zero for Russia’s Alexander Povarnitsyn who started the last lap in eighth place at 35″ from the top.

15.16 Tommaso Giacomel instead finished 56th. Really a pity. Blue says goodbye to the chase of tomorrow and the start of Sunday Collective.

15.15 Thomas Bormolini closes in 16th at 58 inches 7 from Johannes Poe. Great blue test.

15.13 Attention to the Russian Daniil Serochvostov, who scored after 4.8 km the fourth best time.

15.12 5/5 at the first polygon of the minor. The German starts round two in twelfth place at 18″ 6 from the head.

15.10 Bormolini 13 after 8.2 km.

15.09 Provisional standings sees Johannes Boe in the lead, according to Russia’s Latipov, Norway’s Andersen third, France’s Fionn Maiet fourth and Norway’s Laegrid fifth.

15.08 Legrid loses a lot in the last round. The Norwegian finished fifth (+24.5) ahead of Belarusian Smolsky. So Andersen’s chances of getting on the podium are increasing.

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15.06 Norway’s Andersen closes in third at 18 inches 2 off the top.

15.04 Bormolini Discover zero also on the foot! Great proof of the blue at the shooting range. Twelfth time at 44 inches from Johannes Poe.

15.03 Nothing to do for Giacamel. There are two other constant errors for our standard holder. Tommaso starts round three in 55th place, more than two minutes behind first.

15.02 Significant zero from Bormolini on the ground. The center ribbed blue leaves a 20 at 25 inches from the race head.

15.01 Ligrid steals on the spot for the third time from his compatriot! 14” delay it from the apex after the second polygon.

15.00 Big Zero standing for Andersen! The Norwegian starts the third lap in third with 20″ behind Johannes Poe and 8″ behind Latepov.

14.59 A Race to Forget for Norway’s Bakken: Three mistakes for him, certainly too many.

14.58 Frenchman Simone Desteau finishes 10th at 52 inches.

14.56 Lucas Hoover arrives. Blue crosses the finish line with the 17th time at 1’26” from Johannes Boe.

14.55 Emilian Jacqueline finishes her race in provisional fifth place. Best time on skis for the Frenchman who closes 33 inches off the race head.

14.55 No, bad giacomel in polygon! Two faults on the ground reach blue. The Italian starts on the second lap in 57th place with more than a minute off the header.

14.54 France’s Fillon Maillet finished third. 21 inches of separation from the head.

14.54 Norway’s Kristiansen finishes in fifth, just ahead of Samuelsson. 38″ 8 late by Johannes Poe.

14.53 The third time Norwegian Andersen after the first polygon. 12″ delay it off the race head.

14.52 A painful foul for Simone Deseo on his feet. The Frenchman starts the third round in twelfth place.

14.51 Good ground range from Loginov. He came in sixth place with 14″ to be taken back from Johannes Poe

14.50 Targi Bou reaches the finish line for the fifth time (two fouls). 53 “Delaying him on behalf of his brother.

14.49 The seventh time for Giacomel at an altitude of 700 meters! 4″ 6 late at the top.

14.48 Not very good Emilian Jacqueline on her feet. Yet another mistake he made on the ground.

14.46 No, Seine for Hoover! Blue makes two mistakes on the floor and comes out of the polygon in 14th place with a delay of more than a minute from Boe.

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14.45 5/5 of Christiansen standing. The Norwegian corrects the error a little on the ground.

14.44 Hoover X at 4 km at 27 inches 3 from the top.

14.44 Johannes Beau closes his test in first place with a 7-inch advantage over Latipov. However, this wasn’t entirely perfect in the final round of the Norwegian losing 4 inches to Latepov.

14.43 5/5 for Desthieux at the shooting range on the ground. 13″ 9 his delay from Johannes Poe.

14.42 Latypov made it to the end: 23:37.5 his time deserved first place.

14.41 Russian Loginov zero on the ground who starts the second lap 14 inches 2 from the top.

14.40 also ground fault for Jacqueline.

14.40 5/5 by Samuelsson in the second polygon. The Swede starts on the third lap 40″ behind Johannes Poe.

14.39 Fillon Mayer misses a goal on the ground.

14.38 Well hoover on the floor! Not too fast but he found a significant zero: 21″ 8 away from Johannes Poe.

14.37 Christiansen error in the first polygon.

14.36 The wonderful Johannes Boe! Zero also goes to the second polygon. The Norwegian came in by a margin of nearly 10 inches over Latepov. Victory can really come today.

14.35 German Kuehn did well after the first polygon: 12″ 8 behind Johannes Boe.

14.34 An amazing implementation by Latypov who also closes the second polygon with a zero. The Russian flying away on the last lap starts with a 1’02” advantage on Seppala.

14.34 Sippala leads after two polygons: 17:32.7 his time with a foul.

14.33 Targy Bo on the floor is a foul. Painful mistake for the Norwegian.

14.33 Hofer is 10 inches behind Boe by 1.5 km.

14.32 Frenchman Emilian Jacqueline also departs.

14. Samuelson 31 fouls, 34 inches 7 behind Poe after the penalty lap.

14.31 Samuelsson arrives at the shooting range on the ground 11″ late from Johannes Boe.

14.31 The French Fillon Maillet begins, the audience roar.

14.31 km and a half time is also suitable for Tarjei Boe: 8″ 5 behind his brother.

14.31 5/5 for the Norwegian who leaves the shooting range with a 3-inch advantage over Latypov.

14.30 It’s time for Bowie with his first five goals on the ground.

14.29 Weger takes second place after the first polygon. 20″ detachable from the head.

14.29 Samuelson passes to the third detection (1.5 km). 4″ 2 Late Boe.

14.28 Crazy shooting range of the Russian Eduard Latypov. Comes with a 28″ feature on the Cepala.

14.27 The zeros join the Ceppala and Reiss polygons. According to the German, the Finn comes first.

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14.26 Meanwhile, Boe tripled his lead after 1.5 kilometers. 9″ 3 on Karlik.

14.25 Swede Samuelsson passes the second time: 2″ 3 worse than Johannes Boe.

14.24 Two mistakes by the Belgian.

14.23 arrives at Claude’s first ground polygon.

14.21 Johannes Beau initially at an altitude of 700 metres. 3″9 better than Czech Karlik Mikulas in second place.

14.21 Norway’s Johannes Boe departs.

14.20 Russia’s Eduard Latypov leads the 700-meter race, outperforming Claude for him in second place.

14.19 Claude passes to the second chronometer: 1:53.9 his time.

14.17 The beautiful atmosphere in France, the local audience immediately feels.

14.15 Here we are, the race begins! Florent Claude party.

14.12 We remember that yesterday the women’s sprint took place, where Norway’s Mart Olsbo Royceland was victorious over France’s Anis Biscond and Sweden’s Elvira Oberg.

14.10 Five minutes into the race. The first to leave will be the Belgian Florent Claude at 14:15:30

14.05 Today’s test looks really interesting. The frontrunner will certainly be Swede Sebastian Samuelsson, who has already won two races this season, but watch out for Norway’s Vettel Segastad Kristiansen and Tarjee Bo, Johannes Thingness Poe, France’s Quentin Fillon Maiet and Emilien Jacqueline.

14.00 There will be four Azzurris in the race today, and here are below their basic bibs: Lucas Hoover 30 (leaving at 2.30 pm), Tommaso Giacomel 64 (14:47), Thomas Bormolini 71 (14:50.30) and Danielle Chaplins 102 (15): 06 ).

13.55 Hello and welcome to the live transcript of the Men’s 10K Sprint from Annecy (France), a race valid for the fourth stage of the 2021-2022 Biathlon World Cup.

Spence bibs for men

Hello and welcome to the live text message From Sprint Ansi Men’s 10km (France), the race is valid for the fourth stage of the World Cup 2021-2022 in biathlon.

Today we start at 2.15 pm with ben Four blues ready to represent our country. Here below are the bibs for everyone Italians: Lucas Hoover 30 (Departure at 2.30pm)And Tommaso Giacomel 64 (14:47), Thomas Bormolini 71 (14:50.30) And Daniel Cappellari 102 (15:06).

OA Sport brings you live, text-based broadcasts of the entire race. Appointment so is for Today at 13.55 To start our updates on the men’s 10 km sprint race in Annecy, don’t miss it!

Photo: Federico Angiolini

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