Steel and Aluminum, US Obligations Agreement: Good News for Prussia

Steel and Aluminum, US Obligations Agreement: Good News for Prussia

There is satisfaction in the world Presia cidermeterology After the contractRelaxation of US taxes Imports of steel and aluminum. Extra charges – imposed in June 2018 by former US President Donald Trump, accusing him of being a threat to US national security occupied by foreign products. In turn, Europe and the United States levied taxes on motorcycles, jeans, tobacco, corn, rice, and orange juice.

Stock Side metallurgical materials Exports from Brescia in the first half of 2021 exceeded 2.25 billion, but it is apparently shipped to the United States (processing of Istat data provided by Confindustria Brescia Research Department). In the first six months of 2021, Frescia companies sold 44 million worth of products to the United States; In 2020 there were 30; 61 million in 2019; In 2018 it was 90 million, but in previous years it was always a figure between 30 and 40 million.


Moro Cbaldi is a board member of Confindustria Brescia and the National Association of Non-Iron Metals, affirmed by Mauro Cbaldi, former chairman of Sentrol, an aluminum branch of Azomet. But Presia customs departing from other provinces may have been underestimated because they could not be intercepted. If the contract aside Opens to the rich North American market, On the other hand Question small dealers And local users fearing that the deficit situation affecting the market will worsen.

According to Pierluigi Cordua, head of the Apindustria Confapi Brescia, “The agreement between the United States and the European Union, on the one hand, risks exacerbating exports to the states, and on the other, exacerbates the already steel deficit in the old continental market. Although there are no definite signs – Cர்டrdoba concludes – operators are also looking forward to revising the allocation system that Brussels wants.

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Entrepreneurial Vision

Iron and steel entrepreneurs from Presia Welcome to the deal. “We consider it a good deal,” said Giuseppe Pasini, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Feralby Team -. Until 2018, Prussia exported long products to the states, namely rebar and barbed wire. Reopening is an important signal. This is a significant contribution to Feralbi: before 2018 we exported about 150 thousand tons per year to the states. The US market has always recognized the high quality of Italian steel.

Ruggero Brunori, CEO on the same wavelength Ferreira Valsabia. Even the Ottolo-based group was in good numbers in the United States before the tariff hike: “The use of tariffs in the open and globalized world is a clear demonstration that something is not working. Trump’s short-sighted policy; obligations are only a remedy for the weaknesses of the home business. According to Brunori, our steel companies are “clear proof that if they can compete in the US market, they know how to produce well and produce quality products”.

Carbon free

The challenge is another: to focus on a model that is intertwined with economic growth, ecological change and social integration. The agreement includes a commitment to negotiate steel and aluminum production methods Low carbon intensityBy restricting market access to “dirty” steel (from China and India). The agreement signed on the G20 needs to be further scrutinized and analyzed. General Manager of Alfa Acciai, Giuseppe Cavalli: «This is good news. But it is still too early to understand what the consequences could be for Presia and our group. According to Qawwali, “the agreement between the United States and Europe is the first agreement between the United States and the European Union to take into account the carbon intensity of aluminum and metal production in the United States and the European Union with the highest efficiency”.