Links between the fact originally from the United States and Tuscany

Links between the fact originally from the United States and Tuscany

Florence, 22nd April 2023 – The evening was staged yesterday at Le Pavoniere Golf and Conutry of Prato from Armando Rossi’s Le Signe Lions Club.

The protagonist, Professor John Cipriani who entertained the audience with a report devoted to the relations between the indigenous reality of the United States of America and Pietro Leopoldo in Tuscany: “There are deep connections between the indigenous reality of the United States and Tuscany – explained the professor -. In 1756 a terrible war devastated Europe and North America, and we are talking about the Seven Years’ War, which France emerged from it as a great defeat, losing Canada, which from that moment became English, and even today the King of the Kingdom of Canada is in fact Charles III.For France it was a terrible mourning: she could not bear the occupation of that land by England and tried to oppose it from the very beginning, and at the same time the policy George III’s arguments were short-sighted: he had tried to pressure Canada and the North American colonies with intolerable taxes, but at that point the northern settlers, now armed and trained by experience of war, launched increasingly important protests against the most hated tax, which was on the face of The specific stamp tax levied on all businesses and the tax on tea.Riots and protests began, the most famous of which was the Boston Tea Party of 1773: ships laden with tea were attacked by North American settlers disguised as Indians and the goods were thrown overboard. At this point, a real armed organization was created, led by George Washington. The war became very violent and saw the direct intervention of France, which played a decisive role by sending General Lafayette (who had become a close friend of Washington) specifically to America as well as a battleship and expeditionary force. Thanks to the French initiative, the North American colonists were able to succeed.

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So, in 1776, we are witnessing the birth of the American Declaration of Independence, which will be the first step towards the actual independence of the United States. Meanwhile, Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine was so interested in these events, that he sent to the North American colonies Filippo Mazzi, who had become a personal friend and informer of George Washington. Mazzei knew well the great heroes of the history of this period, including Madison and Jefferson. Triumph happened soon after: in 1783 the American colonists won, led by Washington, and peace was finally signed with England – which recognized its independence. It is a triumph of the ideals of the Enlightenment and freedom over a closed, almost absolutist government like that of George III.

There was a parallel development in Tuscany: the American colonists created their own constitution, which was ratified in 1789, not coincidentally the year of the start of the French Revolution. Indeed, even the government of Louis XVI was thought to be completely outdated. The model of the American Revolution is the one that the French Revolution looks at as well, with the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. Peter Leopold, however, was a great politician and mediator. Mazie is one of his men, but he also works in the shadows towards England, with whom he certainly does not want to sever ties. Indeed, another figure associated with Leopoldo was Lorenzo Pignotti, who spoke English and was physician to the English communities of Florence and Livorno. Pignotti was therefore entrusted with maintaining relations with England and the English nobility. Perfect double game. Pietro Leopoldo also had a poem by Pinotti dedicated to the son of the Duke of Rutland – who died during the American War of Independence – published in English, with a very high political and diplomatic aim. An example of the higher politics that Tuscany had before and which today, unfortunately, we do not see implemented with the same capacity.”

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Many guests were present at the evening, incl Former Governor of District 108 LA Toscana Roberto Bianucci As well as some club members Scandicci Lions and Empoli Lions.

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