Skiing leaves fifty million jobs in the Pyrenees

Skiing leaves fifty million jobs in the Pyrenees

The six ski resorts in the Catalan Pyrenees managed by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat (FCG) face the closure of the 2023-2024 campaign after achieving “a total turnover of more than fifty million euros in the mountain valleys in which they are located”. “, the company reported.

Two of the group's Lleida resorts, Espot Esquí and Port Ainé, concluded the campaign today, while the third resort, Boí Taüll, plans to extend it until the end of next week. The FGC's six Catalan facilities have been open for a maximum of 125 days despite public health restrictions. The fact is that “with the exception of March, which was characterized by heavy snowfall, this winter was characterized by drought affecting the whole of Catalonia and by temperatures abnormally high to those that would be normal,” as well as in the Pyrenees. “The good condition of the slopes and the great variety of services and numerous alternative activities for skiing and snowboarding were the key elements to be able to consolidate the positive numbers” at the end of the season, highlights the resort manager of FCG. “The extended duration of the campaign in Boí Taüll, with a total of 125 days, and the diversification of activities In Port Ainé and the attraction of Espot Esquí as in the training area.

Boí Taüll will remain open for slopes next weekend, and Port Ainé and Espot will be closed today

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