Jane Alexander, very harsh accusations: ‘You’re out of money’

Jane Alexander, very harsh accusations: ‘You’re out of money’
Jane Alexander (Mediaset TV screenshot) – belligea.it

A shocking accusation against the famous actress Jane Alexander: Everyone was shocked by this comparison, and criticism poured in from the Internet.

in the past few weeks, The name of the Jane Alexander It is back on everyone’s lips due to the comparison made within the most watched reality show in Italy.

It’s really about Big brother: in home Cinchetta, In fact, there is another very famous actress, who also achieved great success thanks to one of them imaginary, It seems that he did not like the association with the name Alexander.

We’re talking about “The Queen”, as many call her, Beatrice Luzzi, I entered a house Cinchetta He was loved by a public who more than once considered him a favorite in the house that was his head to Severe head with actress.

The two didn’t just compare each other: in fact, there is that Nothing from the other Which not everyone seems to be I noticed.

The story between Jane and Beatrice

there discussion Between the two he saw Ringtones very calm, but words truly Cruel: Beatrice It was mentioned that the part in Elissa to Rivombrosa It should have been there Ha, But then, finally, he got it Explanation Jane Alexander, who, according to givena, It has been Dubbed.

the comparison He was amazing, Even the other tenants, despite the freeze, remained speechless during the conversation between the redheads. Not only that: a Gene An incredible proposal was made: to enter again – it was already a competition for GF Vib A few years ago – in the House of Representatives Cinchetta. And so it will be.

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Comparison - belligea.it
Comparison (Mediaset TV screenshot) – belligea.it

Jivina is new in the house

I mean, Jane Alexander Tonight she will enter as an official competitor on Big Brother and we will see some good things. But controversy is already swirling: someone actually He remembers Which Gene He didn’t speak enthusiastically about his first big brother.

some Users On the Internet, therefore, they have Hint Which was received by Jane consideration To return home to an issue Purely cash: “You’re out of money”This is the worst comment you will read these days. This seems highly unlikely for such a successful actress: many, after all, They chant To renew it entrance In the house of Cinecittà, and also to see it done Sparks with her peer.

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