Quantum, science and innovation invade Val Trompia

Quantum, science and innovation invade Val Trompia

Gardone Val Trompia, Brescia. Science and innovation invade Val Trompea with the festival Quantitative Science and Innovation Week, now in its ninth edition. The date is from October 16 to 28 in various locations in Gardone Val Trompia and the surrounding area.

The festival, titled “On the Waves of Change,” reflects the urgent need to confront global challenges That transforms our world.

The festival’s talks and activities will explore critical issues such as sustainable living, artificial intelligence, social sustainability and inclusion. The aim is to activate synergies in the field between the business world, schools and civil society organizations on issues of technological, cultural and social innovation.

Quantum Science and Innovation Week aims to be an open laboratory for everyone Able to provide the necessary tools to read, build, modify and improve the future of the individual and the future of the society in which he lives.

Quantitative Science and Innovation Week is supported by Casa Padana BCC.

Since its first edition, the festival’s approach to the topics it covers has been fun, educational and fascinating. Precisely because it aims to bring a heterogeneous audience closer to science and technology, without sacrificing the quality of proposals and the many ideas for understanding and facing the challenges of the future. The main hero of the festival, as in previous editions, are schools of all levels, and students will not only be beneficiaries of the initiatives, but will become their champions.

Conferences, workshops, exhibitions, workshops for schools and interactive activities These events will alternate throughout the festival days and will be an opportunity for participants to gain inspiration, learn from the experiences of others and discover new technologies and methods to make their lifestyle more sustainable.

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Three main themes of the festival:

1. Sustainable living. Energy efficiency, use of low environmental impact materials, and bioclimatic design: sustainable living takes into account the social, environmental and economic impact of our homes and lifestyles. We will address this topic with Barbara Ange, Associate Professor of Architectural and Urban Composition, DICATAM Department, University of Brescia and Paolo Belgenti, IoT Systems Researcher, DII Department, University of Brescia.

2. Artificial intelligence. Technological development has led humans to the invention of artificial intelligence and robotics, with relevant anthropological and social implications, which the professor will discuss in greater depth. Massimo Temporelli, who has been dealing with the relationship between humans and technology for 25 years, with all the social and anthropological ramifications that this relationship entails and will entail.

3. Social and environmental sustainability and inclusion. Innovation and inclusion: The social economy is based on the creation of economic value, but also on a commitment to social well-being and reducing inequality. The environment becomes an essential factor for sustainability, as the environmental, social and economic dimensions are integrated and cannot be considered independently. From the environment to economics, topics will be explained with National Geographic Director Marco Cattaneo.

Places and spaces of culture and history spread throughout the municipality’s territory The days of the festival will be hosted by: Villa Muti Bernardelli, home to the Library and Museum of Arms and Weapon Traditions, the Mila Park and the Palace of Freedom, a creative and dynamic space center for youth politics and innovation, the three headquarters of “G.Beretta” and the Enzino Cinema Theater.

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