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a It’s not the ringLed program Massimo Gilletti In La7, on the January 19 episode we go back to his graph Roberto Speranza At the press conference. The graph of vaccines contains a terrible error: the proportions of the “men” represented were not correct compared to the data (in the video below, the question is explained in detail). calendar? The Minister of Health made a commercial against the vaccine.

In the studio, Gillette talked to her Berpaolo CeleriUndersecretary of the Ministry of Health. Gillette pressed: “But, nevertheless … I understand that …”. and grillino: “This is a graph given to Minister Esperanza. Look, if I had been there for him I would have made the same mistake.”

At that moment, Gillette threw his bombshell: “But I am the one who responds to the audience from home, who says it’s jelly which is cogl****. Maybe that’s also true,” adds sarcastically. Sileri: “We all make myself a laughingstock, because I’m here too. I don’t even know who made this graph but it’s so dirty that whoever made it It must be accompanied by the door. The real problem with this inaction is that it made us lose sight of the most important thing: that in the first graph the quality of the vaccination was underestimated.”

So Gilletti recalls: “If we could go back to the original graph, We show that the disparagement Celeri is referring to is exactly the Little Red Man: small, very small compared to what it should have already been. And at this point, albeit between the lines, the Undersecretary’s blow is also raining: ‘Whoever prepared this chart has downplayed the importance of vaccination. If someone from my office had set up a graphic designer for me like this, I would have escorted him to the door,” concludes Sileri, noting, in fact, that Speranza did not escort anyone to the door.

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