Who is Pierre Francesco Forleo, the kind “Prince” of Ray. Mara Venier’s son-in-law

Who is Pierre Francesco Forleo, the kind “Prince” of Ray.  Mara Venier’s son-in-law

Pierre Francesco Forleo passed away last night at the age of 62. Husband Elizabeth VeraciniBroadcaster’s daughter Mara Venere. Head of the sports rights department for Rai. He was a very likable CEO, and they nicknamed him “Prince” for his always nice ways. Forleo’s death was announced this morning by Ray Marinella Soldi’s President and Managing Director Roberto Sergio.

Pierre, you were an amazing son-in-law. You only brought joy and love to our family…and I loved you like a son….” Mara Venier wrote on Instagram, adding, “We were all annihilated so quickly. to cut”.

Andrea Vianello, journalist and TV presenter, recalled him this way: “He woke up to the terrible news that a wonderful manager of Ray, good, respectable and full of life, Pierre Forleo, was no more. He was a friend. We called him Prince, because of his natural elegance. Knowing how to live and how to work : little talent. Close to Elizabeth.”

Ray note “An impeccable professional, with a solid and diverse professional experience, he has been a point of reference for years in the sports rights sector important to our company. We will miss not only his great ability to analyze and manage complex financial and administrative aspects, but his special human personality. He was approachable and personable, and was always able to A fruitful team effort, for the benefit of the company and all his colleagues, in whom he was able to bring out their best features, motivate them and help them grow. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family members and those of the entire company.”

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Born in Florence in 1962He graduated in Economics and Commerce, and joined Al Rai in 1997, after working in the Planning and Control Department at the International Republican Institute. In Rye he was part of the Operational Reporting and Control structure in the Administration, Finance and Control Department. He was subsequently called upon to fill the role of Controller in the Radio Division and in 2006 appointed Director of Procurement, where he has coordinated the operational coordination of the Public Procurement Act in corporate purchases since 2010. Since March 2015 he has served as Director of the Sports Rights Department and a member of the Sports Rights Committee and the Sports Right Association in the European Broadcasting Union.

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