Ivano Mariscoti died. Farewell to the occasional actor who loved Raffaello Baldini and lit the films Benigni and Zalone

Ivano Mariscoti died.  Farewell to the occasional actor who loved Raffaello Baldini and lit the films Benigni and Zalone

Goodbye, little Ivano. 40-year-old accidental actor, Evan Mariscoti From Bagnacavallo (Ravenna), first surveyor of the municipality, representative of the supreme cinematic character and absolute of Benigni, Zalone and later Muccino. Brilliant comedic talent, brilliant political skin, and an honest man who never got lost in the showbiz charm he wanted on every set. Mariscotti died at the age of 77 after a long illness. Many artistic satisfactions for a native of Ravenna who chose to live in the center of Bologna. Artistic direction of the Consletsi Theater for nearly a decade, a show (La Fondazione) based on the Roman poet Raffaello Baldini, and then films. Many, many, almost impossible to list. Starting with Sandro Baldoni’s bizarre stories, Soldini’s Laria Serena del Offset, then the erotic exploits in Benigni’s ’90s monster Johnny Stecino; international blockbuster productions such as Ridley Scott’s Hannibal and Clive Owen’s King Arthur; Finally, in the 2000s, the shoulder top in Cado dalle nubi and Che bella giorno by the duo Nunziante / Checco Zalone. He leaves behind his wife, a former student who married for the second time last year, Erika Leonelli, and a daughter, Eliade, with his first wife, Iphigenia Canara.

Marescotti, as a municipal employee and actor. “To do my job you need ‘Oc, stomich and bus de cul’.” “Oc” because you have to be at the right moment at the right point, “stomich” because you have to swallow frogs, “bus di cul” because without this there are the other two. .. “Here is Ivano’s di cul bus. When in the summer of 1980 he does not go on vacation and takes the place of a friend who is an actor in a children’s theatrical performance at Montagnola in Bologna. Kids are having a blast Marescottii at about the age of forty chose to be an actor. By fixed employment of stage uncertainties. In short, this is a stomach. Because it takes courage to jump into the void. Ivano liked to say that while others have become crass and Berlusconian, he has given himself over to the theatre. An impenetrable road done, tons of dictation that dissolves roughness reading a Roman accent of novels in an institute for the blind, then calls arriving and answering the name of Leo de Berardini, Marco Martinelli, Giorgio Albertazzi. There are the extras that run away in Ginger and Fred in Fellini, And in order to live we need something more lasting. Another bus, or perhaps Ivano said he was watching him, was when Silvio Soldini noticed him in the theatre. The Milanese director, in a complete sad and gray mood, wants Mariscotti as the protagonist (he’s a chemist) in his most Antonio-like film. It’s 1991. The former municipal employee has become a serious film actor. It’s time to play the role of the editor-in-chief of the largest Italian newspaper who rejects the article of the journalist (Corso Salani) who is investigating the Ustica massacre, and it’s time for Johnny Stecino. In reality Roberto Benigni, who wonders as soon as he sees him: But Ivano, where have you been so far? Marescotti becomes Benigni’s sidekick, antagonist as the grouchy doctor Randazzo in one of the Italian blockbusters of all time. The Tuscan comedian wants him again in Il Mostro, three years later, where he plays Pascucci and a looser, more sporoni duet with the catatonic Loris (Benigni) until he ends up as a negative voice-act under the stunt of Tuscanaccio’s supple body.

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Also in 1994 he was the absolute protagonist, even divided by three in the three episodes of Strane storie by Sandro Baldoni. Not to be forgotten is the hideous part of the man who has not paid the air bill, and who, overwhelmed with a cough, tries to pay his arrears at the post office while losing his breath more and more with each metre. Also in the 90’s he worked with Pupi Avati, he was Stefano Accorsi’s father in Jack Frusciante, left the Negroni group, started working on Carlo Mazzacurati films, then in the early 2000’s he ended up on the sets of Hollywood productions like The Talented Mr Ripley, Hannibal but above all Thing is Bishop Germanius in the historical adventure epic of King Arthur by Antoine Fuqua. “I did two great tricks, because I didn’t know English,” Marescotti explained to us in an interview. “With Fuqua, as soon as I get to grips with my broken English, I sign the contract and the production tells me ‘Of course, it’s a movie about jockeys so it’s understandable she knows how to ride.’ ‘Of course,’ I who’ve seen horses in Western films replied between 2009 and 2011. , he subsequently dedicated it as a great character actor Checco Zalone is here I’m falling from the clouds that in C.It’s a beautiful day Where he plays the role of Colonel Mazzini and goes crazy in front of the Zaluni hurricane. Between 2017 and 2018 a pearl and a stratospheric success: he is the precious co-star of Lovers by Matteo Vicino and in the part wanted by Muccino for Johnny Dorelli, he brilliantly supports his “wife” Stefania Sandrelli as clan chief of the grand family hero from A casa tutti bene.

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Theater and politics. Marescotti has always humbly instilled a sincere and deep love for the language of Romania and devoted himself to the works of Raffaello Baldini, making it to the stage several times, including the most organic and solemn summit being The Foundation, an ERT production running Italian stages. His association with the theater led him to become artistic director of the Conselice Theater (Ravenna) for nearly ten years and recently founder of an academy bearing his name which will now have to honor his career and teachings. Mariscoti, an anti-fascist, in 2014 ran for the European elections on Tsipras’ list and ended up in the heart of the province of Rai to be recorded in the annals. “Rai committed an unprecedented act of filthme,” Marescotti al. explained Fattoquotidiano.itThey looked for me at 9 o’clock Easter morning and then all day and also Easter Sunday. They pressured me, through my agency, to sign permission to separate myself from the fantasy, good season. I obviously said no, over and over again, and the producers and Ray acted Without my consent anyway.” Marescotti has also starred in dozens of successful TV series on Rai1, including Raccontami, I liceali, L’Oriana and Don Matteo.

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