The Science Symposium for European Schools begins in Varese

The Science Symposium for European Schools begins in Varese

The Science Symposium for European Schools kicked off with the opening on Sunday 26 March at the Salone Estense in Varese. Hundreds of children between the ages of 7 and 18 from all European schools on the continent will work alongside Ispra JRC scholars and their teachers on original research projects.

How will the science symposium be held?

All students involved in the project will develop an original research idea and conduct the data collection and analysis experiments necessary to support their thesis with the guidance of their tutors. The students will then prepare a science report which will be presented to the jury of the organizing school for preliminary judgement.

The groups with the most promising projects will have to present their work to the public. All projects, big and small, will be shown in a poster gallery. Contestants will explain their work to expert judges, who will select five finalists for each category. The best projects will be rewarded and the top group winners will go on to represent European schools in the European Union Competition for Young Scientists (Eucys).

Science Symposium “An Important Opportunity”

He commented, “It’s beautiful.” Arianne Farnell, Principal of the European School in Varese – Seeing so many students and teachers of European schools all together in Varese. The focal point of this initiative is certainly the development of science, but at the same time it contributes to building a stronger sense of European citizenship. I am convinced that the Science Symposium will be a great opportunity for all participants.”

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“I was able to observe,” added the mayor of Varese and professor at the University of Insupria Alberto Coin-Boricini – European school children working on their projects and I realized how beautiful and exciting it is to study and work with science. Through the scientific method made up of long moments of observation, hypothesis, and verification, we can really learn about new things.”

«Science symposium – said the inspector of European schools Max Wolf – is an important event for science. Students who will actually participate have demonstrated their skills and will have the opportunity to put them into practice through their work. We live in a world that is changing faster and faster. New technologies and new functions that were unimaginable until recently are constantly being born. Artificial intelligence is just one of these cases: it was born a few years ago, but has already been applied in many fields.

«Through the Science Symposium – stressed the head of the JRC Ispra Ryan Strosnider – Cooperation between European schools and the Research Center of the European Commission has been strengthened. However, the event also represents an opportunity to reaffirm the value of young people and support them in their cultural growth.”

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