‘I’m pregnant with another’ scandal in court: Letizia expelled from Spain

‘I’m pregnant with another’ scandal in court: Letizia expelled from Spain

After many years, a scandal emerged involving the Spanish Leticia who could risk losing everything.

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This scandal concerns King Juan Carlos who has been known over the years to be completely unfaithful.

Juan Carlos’ secret children

Juan Carlos of Bourbon, father of Philip VI, current ruler and husband of Spanish Letizia, is considered the father of the country. Moreover, Franco’s regime was precisely under his monarchy, up to the Constitution.

Despite some merit, however, in the family He did not prove to be rational, but rather a traitor Boy. Suffering, his wife Sophia whom he married in a very lavish wedding ceremony in Athens (she was Princess of Greece) in May 1962.

It is said that irrigation, as people call it, Collected more than 1500 adventures. A figure that appears to be roughly the first, was included in his autobiography written by Pillar Air. Among the women who could have been the sovereign, the names of nobles and showgirls also stand out.

Letizia Spain
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The ruler seems to have ruled even Raffaella Cara who, however, did not yield to his predecessor. Also among them was Corinna zu Sayn Wittgenstein, who was always with him on safari in Africa.

Of the innumerable relationships of Juan Carlos, three illegitimate children will be born. The first is a fallen noble named Marie José de la Ruel; The second is Ingrid Sartiau, a physiotherapist in Belgium, but the third is of concern. Albert Sola works as a waiter in Girona.

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Should Felipe and Letizia be feared for the throne?

Albert Sola looks identical to Juan Carlos. Yes, because her pictures appeared in all the media because of the spread of her story. So much so that those close to him call him the king. It was 1956 when it was abandoned, at just two weeks old, at Casa de Madernidad. Among the details that caused the mess was the fact that he had a green lollipop. At that time, it was a symbol of recognition of the illegitimate sons of the royal family.

The child was placed in the care of adoptive parents. He lived with them in Ibiza for five years. Growing up, he learned that every month a woman would bring her adoptive parents 900 pesos that were needed to support them, and at the time, that was a significant sum.

Later, it was two humble peasants from the Girona countryside who tended to him. Although modest, they were able to buy cars and motorcycles. Another detail is that during his military service, he had a strange license to keep him away from the most dangerous exercises.

Albert hired a private investigator, and in 2001 he petitioned the court and began sending letters to Zarzuela. Over the years, Albert himself has stated that he sometimes receives phone calls asking about his condition. However, in 2017, the testimony he gave by the Catalan intelligence returns. The purpose was to have him record an audio clip in which the man stated that he wanted to give up the crown.

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In fact, In the line of succession, it is Albert Sulla himselfBeing older than Felipe, to be able to become sovereign, if his paternity is confirmed. A somewhat remote premise but it still made Spanish Leticia shudder.

German magazine
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Meanwhile, the man said to himself ready to get his due. Suffice it to say that in the pub where he works, tourists from all over the world flock to see him.

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