“We slept together”: Flashbacks to Senior Brother Vip

“We slept together”: Flashbacks to Senior Brother Vip

Caroline Crescentini | Source: ANSA PHOTO

While Rai prepares for the fourth season of The Rascals of Pizzofalconewe remember a strange anecdote revealed by Carolina Crescentini.

Over the years, actress Carolina Crescentini has conquered everyone with her skills and professionalism. On the set, as he has stated many times, he is having a lot of fun. But, for projects in Naples and southern Italy, admit it’s impossible to resist the food, you always eat between meals and it’s all delicious.

We always eat in a group

Crescentini, thinking of how many of them were incorporated into the group, still had a lot of fun, while filming the second season of The Rascals of Pizzofalcone:

All bastards seem serious but it’s not true: in fact we were a gang of lunatics! Life on a set is a crazy life: we get up at 5 in the morning to shoot during the day, or we get up in the afternoon to shoot at night. It’s a cool crazy life, we live in RVs around town. In the morning in the make-up already from 5.30 there was a soundtrack in the background of Neapolitan neomelodici, an amazing world that I did not know and learned to love. Whoever arrived brought papas, then they moved on to fried pizza. At lunch the catering, never rich in combinations, offered instead sausages, broccoli, pasta, potatoes, provola and all sorts of Neapolitan specialities. I objected:Guys, I won’t wear clothes anymore!“.

In Naples, Crescentini, she is currently involved in the novel Rai filmed in Naples outside the seaShe stated that it entered her heart:

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I love Naples. Yes, it’s a world apart. They serve you food all the time. For filming this second series I rent a little house to cook something for the evening, and because after months you feel, albeit frivolously, like you’re in a nice little house. Instead, I immediately made friends with the whole neighborhood and on the way home they made me taste anything, inviting me to eat. For some poetic stuff, Naples is stuck in the 1950s.

In the novel, she is Judge Laura Peras

In the TV series he is the judge who keeps track of all the events of the villains. Strong and decisive, the character opens her heart to Lojacono after a huge disappointment. The actress also mentioned that in real life she and her character might be good friends.

Carolina Crisentini and Alessandro Gassman N "The Rascals of Pizzofalcone" |  Source: ANSA PHOTO

Carolina Crescentini and Alessandro Gassman in I bastardi di Pizzofalcone | Source: ANSA PHOTO

We talked a lot about the character of Laura, a loner who, along with Lojacono, reopens her heart to someone for the first time, after a lot of pain. But if Laura were our friend we would have told her: be careful, you are with a man who already has an eldest daughter and is unable to bear the responsibility of introducing her to you…

The only thing not in the TV series that is beautiful in Di Giovanni’s books are the characters’ inner monologues. The monologue that works to understand what is behind it. Brilliant and often incorrect monologues. But after all, who doesn’t make mistakes now and then? ».

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