Horoscope from March 21 to 27

Horoscope from March 21 to 27

weekly horoscope
“The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn”
(from March 21 to 27, 2022)

welcome everybody!
How are you doing? Here is your horoscope first week New zodiac year! In fact, the sun has just passed through the gates of spring leaving the waters of Pisces and entering the fire of Aries. And at the end of the week- Sunday 27 Mercury will also follow and enter Aries. But even before entering the heart of the astronomical sky, I hope that all the regeneration power of this can reach you important start, which for astrology is a symbolic force of the “New Year”. I dedicate to you an in-depth study that you can recover from Link.

Then, during the week, the last quarter of the moon forms, a phase that often prompts us to take stock of what we leave behind, and at the same time determine a series of new intentions to sow. Here, too, the same flavor of the “New Year” returns, when we get rid of what we no longer need and at the same time trace the course of new projects for the coming year. And in that spirit I recommend reading your horoscope, as an invitation to take that ‘shot’, to point Sagittarius toward the horizon and leave for something new!

I just have to leave you to read, thank you again for the love and attention you give – week after week – to this wonderful joint venture of ours. It’s really saying that: almost at the moment nine years togetherincreasingly All crazy about astrology! Thanks always!

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Hug and happiness read to all!
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