It’s the third time for

It’s the third time for
to Simona Marchetti

As Vanity Fair reveals, today at Hertha Berlin, the 35-year-old footballer made the proposal to his girlfriend on December 6, but the couple kept everything a secret. The wedding will also be in the Metaverse and the two will wear a necklace with a drop of blood from both

Among my various activities there is also A very big project in OVR Metaverse, which platform I think is most suitable for hosting events – explains the 30-year-old influencer from Bergamo, who is also an entrepreneur, DJ and five-time Wushu kung fu champion -. So, I thought it might be cool, modern and fun to share the wedding day online with our fans. If that wasn’t enough, the wedding would have a bit of a scary side (scary, so), which was also revealed by Fradegrada. We asked a New York designer to make a necklace to wear on your wedding day, You will host a drop of my blood and a drop of my blood. Boateng says I love you very little.

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Back to the fateful proposal, indeed The 35-year-old former footballer of Milan and Monza, Today at Hertha Berlin, he had already asked Valentina to marry him in November 2021, after not being together for three months. One with a little patience, attached amusement. On that occasion I didn’t have the ring, and I had nothing. Just the kebab we were eating, He laughs. When we say love at first sight… With her I found what I had been looking for for years: peace. We stay at home for days and are fine, the footballer admitted. For the first time in my life, I do not feel wrong with my principles and ideas. And then, a silly bonus, resonates with the influencer.

And so came the second proposal, which the couple shared in the video
Posted on their social accounts. The second time I organized it correctly – reveals Boateng -. Thanks to the absence of Valentina, who was moving from Como, I called the owner of the hotel, who was a friend, and within six days we arranged the place: from roses to balloons to lights for the words “marry me”. For the footballer, it is the third: from 2007 to 2011 he married a German girl named Jennifer, the mother of his first child, Jermaine Prince, while in 2016 he married Melissa Satta, and they had the second child Maddox, And from him she divorced in 2020.

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