Do you understand your children or nephews? Preply helps you do just that

Do you understand your children or nephews?  Preply helps you do just that

Each generation has its own chronology, which means understanding the linguistic difference of an age group, and these ways of speaking are often exclusive, even generating stress gaps. Thus, the so-called Generation Z (those born between 1993 and 2010) have a timeline in which expressions of technology and diversity abound, as well as some paradoxes that older people do not usually understand. in this context, Prebly, The online language platform, not only analyzed which expressions are specific to Generation Z, but when they are used Beck I Shrinks They will allow themselves to be a little incomprehensible to the outside.

Related to current events

According to Prebley's study, Generation Z links many of its expressions to the cultural or television products it consumes, and thus extracts from them expressions that it uses, masters, or emulates. From the Triomf process or La Isla de las Tentaciones comes the generalization of terms such as relaxed (Something like alien shame) crush (someone who is the object of sudden infatuation) s Beef (indirect or mug), although its origin derives from hip-hop music. Another very common term is NPC (non-playable character), which comes from video games, where it defines characters who cannot be chosen as heroes of the game and who, in real life for Generation Z, feature unimportant characters in their lives. Through Preply, they analyzed how often each term was used in social networks and ranked them according to their frequency.

“Young people do not hesitate to express their reactions and what they feel through networks, and many of the expressions they create are a sign of their sense of humor and originality,” notes Sylvia Johnson, Methodology Director at Preply. From Preply they have collected some of these expressions General Z.

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Other expressions

A study of conversation among young people highlights the success of several terms. While those coming from English such as A meat x pov(Point of view. or point of view) dominated last year, and it seems that 2024 has a national color. at the moment, Beck (short for “Pel cul”) and “Servir cony” dominate the number of mentions in Spain, thanks in part to the broadcast of Operation Triomf, which was undoubtedly the most talked-about event since the beginning of the year. The first is used to name something that surprises and delights – and is taken from the usual slang Gays Its use gives clues about who is using it – and second, to determine the attitude of a self-confident woman.

Spanish expressions give a good example of the originality of our youth: truly I amorch They have already reached over 5,000 mentions, which shows that they are here to stay. Delulo would be something like a force through which a person can shape his own destiny through the force of his will – yes, Paulo Coelho also has his Gen Z victims – and amorch is a simple derivation of the term “love”. Submission, which defines what is worthy or groveling, and applies to what causes a certain groveling — yes, groveling is a chronolecto from another generation — are also common terms according to Preply.

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