To whom does the estate go?

To whom does the estate go?

‘Bersagliera’s last wishes revealed: half of the assets to her son and the other half to Piazzolla, her much-discussed assistant

Source: Rai Press Office

Open at lunch time today Will of Gina Lollobrigida: in the office of the notary Barbara Franceschini, the last will and will of the actress was read at about 1 pm. He passed away a few days ago at the age of 95.

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According to what was revealed, “Bersaglira” was going to leave, according to what is called “legitimacy”, Half of the estate for the son Andrea Milko Skovic keeps the other half for the assistant Andrew Piazzola.

Lollo’s attorney, Francesca Romana Lupui, announced that her client “intends to proceed with the wishes of Gina Lollobrigida with regard in particular to promoting her image maintenance of his artwork.

Here ends – at least for the time being – the dubious series about the origins of the great actress: a legacy so vast that it seemed to kindle cravings in many. Among them, according to reporters, is the alleged Spanish husband Francisco Javier Regaowho also made accusations against the squandering of the Lollobrigida treasure, spoke on television of “What is left of what you left?“.

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