It’s Possible To Increase Muscle Mass With A Vegetarian Diet: Science Reveals The Secret

It’s Possible To Increase Muscle Mass With A Vegetarian Diet: Science Reveals The Secret

Who said that to gain muscle, you only need animal protein? Scientists tell us how to increase muscle mass with a plant-based diet.

Supermarkets now have a boom in plant-based products intended to replace animal proteins. Transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan diet is also frowned upon by those who care about environmental sustainability.

Muscle mass with a vegetarian diet –

A vegetarian or vegan diet aims to replace the fiery diet

In fact, to produce plant proteins, less land and water is needed and also because less carbon dioxide is released into the environment during processing compared to that produced by animal farms.

A vegetarian diet is also considered aMy diet also very healthy. In fact, it has been proven that those who eat purely plant foods are less likely to develop serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, some types of tumors, stroke, and heart attack.

Indeed, in vegetables and fruits, fiber and antioxidants in the face of a low concentration of saturated fatty acids are substances that help the body function better.

The suspicion that arises, however, depends primarily on Low digestibility of vegetables compared to animal proteins As well as the presence of some Antinutrients Of vegetables, elements that practically reduce intestinal absorption of proteins and thus impede the renewal and maintenance of muscle mass.

Secrets of gaining muscle mass through plant-based nutrition

Sure, eating less vegetable protein than animal protein, but with some secrets these little annoyances can be solved. The low quantity and availability of protein, for example, can be exceeded by iIncrease food portions And also with the consumption of some Plant protein supplement Isolates and concentrates that, among other things, have been shown not to contain Antinutrients.

Vegetarian diet –

Although there is half the protein in a portion of beans than in the same portion of meat, it is possible to solve the problem with a few tricks. Going to connect the gods legumes with cereals, It will turn out that this meal has a protein composition very similar to that of animal origin.

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This is why scientists can say that a vegan diet is still valid for increasing muscle mass. In fact, the secret lies only in the association of the elements and in the complementarity of certain nutrients that, with vegetarian nutrition, may be deficient in relation to individual nutritional needs.

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