February 9, 2023

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Sustainability: To implement it we need the science of complexity – economics

(ANSA) – TRIEST, July 25 – To address issues of complexity such as rising inequality, demographic crises, migration, biodiversity loss and climate change, we need a broader integration of serious science, statistical and demographic approaches. In short, the science of complexity is needed to identify general mechanisms and global characteristics in order to better understand the determinants of sustainability. This was supported by Matteo Marcelli, chief scientist at the Abdus Salam Institute for Theoretical Physics in Trieste (ICTP).

Marseille spoke at the opening of the Quantitative Human Ecology workshop, of which he was coordinator, which began today and will end on July 29 and which will be attended, among others, by Daniel B. Diaz (National University of Cordoba), Partha Dasgupta (University of Cambridge), Alessandro Vespignani (Northeast Boston University) Elisa Omudi (University of Central Europe). The ambition of the event is to set a research agenda on how basic science can contribute to sustainable development. The workshop is organized by Trieste Int. (FIT), ICTP, Sante Fe Inst. and SISSA; Co-sponsored by the US Mission in Italy. (Dealing).

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