Tribute to Mia Martini – Daily

Tribute to Mia Martini – Daily

Feelings at home a Impossible Michelle and friends And again, the host gave the Canale 5 audience unforgettable moments. After a short video message in memory of Maurizio Costanzo, who recently passed away at the age of 84, the second episode of the show was opened by the three young singers. Flight, international stars who carry the flag of Italian music high in the world: three incredible voices, three artists so different from each other but united by a deep friendship. There was no shortage of performances, but above all, the performance of Ignazio Pochetto, who ventured into A creepy tribute to Mia Martini.

Ignazio Pochetto of Il Volo pays homage to the great Mia Martini

When there is talent, it is inevitable to be fascinated by it and that amused look that we saw on Michelle Hunziker’s face, during the second episode of her show, in the presence of Il Volo was from all of us. Gianluca Ginobel, Piero Barone, and Ignacio Pochetto They have never lost their originalitya feature that the landlady wanted to celebrate in front of the wealthy Canale 5 crowd: now the singers of Il Volo are acclaimed international stars, and yet their way of “bashing each other” and exchanging a few friendly jokes brings back a dimension Three real men around.

Young yes, but also with a big heart. There has been no shortage of performances for the three golden sounds of Italian music, but Ignazio Pochetto’s solo really touched the heart. For if her project to bring prestige to the great Italian women artists is commendable in itself, then her interpretation of At least you are in the universe From the unforgettable Mia Martini that made the soul strings vibrate.

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After applause (very right) from the audience present in the studio, it was the turn of his traveling companions as well. Pierrot Baron in And the stars were shining from Tuscany by Puccini, Gianluca Ginoble in Romance I can’t help but fall in love by Elvis Presley. Three different styles but one great emotion.

Il Volo to “Michelle Impossible & Friends”, Hunziker’s affection

Michelle Hunziker hit the mark by hosting Il Volo before the Grand Final with her celebrities great love (the song with which they won the Sanremo Festival in 2015), they performed a duet with the presenter. Since the honest face-to-face conversation on the studio staircase, where the three artists revealed their being and their vulnerability, without hiding. Fragility and difficult moments (“There are times when you want to get away, you don’t want to see them, and you go out with other people. It’s part of being a group,” said Pochetteau), down to the last note.

Sweet Michelle could not hold back the emotion for the words Ignazio Pochetto finally wanted to address her on behalf of the group: “Thank you, because you are one of the few people who really makes us feel good, makes us feel spontaneous and makes us feel at home. Thank you for being a wonderful person. They obviously don’t know you at home like we did. Really, you are an amazing person.”

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