The Science of Negotiation: A Journey with Michael Tsur – B&G

The Science of Negotiation: A Journey with Michael Tsur – B&G

The central and cross-sectional practice belonging to all business sectors is negotiate. A basic and complex process that requires participation Interpersonal skillsAnd emotional components And contingent factors Which can become difficult to judge, especially in times of uncertainty and change.

But when does it become necessary to put it into practice? The moment a file can’t be accessed A common goal. It first requires that Interests From one side and the other then there cooperation In order to reach a Useful deal for both parties.

performance strategies A full day will be devoted to trading applicable to business in June 16 in Milan host on her stage Michael Tzur. One of the most reliable international negotiator who closed his entire career 1000 negotiating casesIt was Mediator of the Supreme Court of Israelis an active part of the plan Disengagement from the Gaza Strip And compete as a teacher by the most important universities. his way of Dispute management and resolution he is used from business men And Management From multinational companies including MicrosoftAnd SiemensAnd Toyota And Procter & Gamble Company.

the event “The Science of Negotiation” Will aim to provide Helpful Strategies for Removing Objections And around them tangibly and permanently job opportunity But not only. We will also talk about rules of engagementAnd tools useful for Get in touch also withMore complex axes. Finally, Michael Tsur will lead the participants in the practice path of Trade at a disadvantage.

Let it be a meeting formativededicated to advanced business negotiations, both a moment of communication Through I know And Confrontation With Manager and team a lot comp One of the most diverse sectors. A moment of meeting that attracts every year entrepreneurThe, ManagementAnd Executive Director And Sales Managerand facilitateOpening up to new relationships from a job.

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Main topics:

  • How to handle a file The relationship between people It is established with peer A trust relationship long-term
  • Like Objection Handlingto construct motivation To open the axle resistors
  • what ifemotional actors and external Which negatively affect negotiations and how to neutralize them
  • The PTAP (Practice, Transition and Accreditation Program) To logically plan each step of the negotiation process
  • Like Conducting multilateral negotiations With three or more interlocutors, select alternatives that satisfy multiple interests and end with mutual benefit

appointment for Thursday 16 June 2022 Live in Milan inUnahotels Expo Fiera.

The event will also be available at Live broadcast Through the dedicated online platform.

For a detailed program of the event and more details click here

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