Free PS5 and PS4 games officially confirmed by Sony –

Free PS5 and PS4 games officially confirmed by Sony –

In this case, the announcement is indeed made directly by Sony, but respecting the classic modus operandi, the official confirmation of PS5 and PS4 games for free to subscribers in PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium, which will be downloadable within a month March 2023.

March 2023 Plus Games List

PS5 and PS4 games will be available to PS Plus subscribers for free Tuesday, March 7, 2023until Monday, April 3, 2023, when you give way to free games in April 2023. Until March 6, it will be possible to download free games in February 2023.

For this month, the games were already revealed during last week’s State of Play, but Sony is still making the usual announcement today:

Battlefield 2042 The new chapter of the popular shooter series with a war setting by EA and DICE, in this case it belongs to the future path of the series. Although it had several issues at launch, it still has widespread support from the developers and it still makes for a great multiplayer experience, thanks to the expansion of this mode in terms of the number of players that are in the game at the same time. To get to know him better, we refer you to our review of Battlefield 2042.

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon-crawling-style RPG focused on cooperative team play but also playable solo, that takes the world of the popular Mojang game into a completely new context, yet stylistically close to the original game.

PlayStation Plus, March 2023 games

However, this is the odd case for a first-party game from Xbox Game Studios offered inside PlayStation Plus, as it also happened to parties opposing MLB The Show. Minecraft Dungeons has got many expansions over time and continues to get rich regularly, to get to know them better you can read our Minecraft Dungeons review.

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vein codeFinally, it’s an action RPG by Bandai Namco that has some elements in common with Spirits, particularly in terms of the combat system and challenging level proposed by bosses, representing a post-apocalyptic world that vampires (but certainly more brutal) have now invaded. surface of the planet, and forced the survivors to organize themselves to fight. Again, you can find more information in our Code Vein review.

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