It’s not the ring, the hypotheses for closing Massimo Giletti’s program. Bayardo: “I paid to be on TV”

It’s not the ring, the hypotheses for closing Massimo Giletti’s program.  Bayardo: “I paid to be on TV”

Publisher Urbano Cairo has suspended Massimo Giletti’s program “Non è l’Arena” on La7. But he did not explain the reasons: «I can not answer. However, we have submitted a statement and I have nothing to add. I just can’t tonight, “said Lifto Quotidiano. Even the conductor did not want to say much, contenting himself with denying the rumors of a search by the Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate. But the hypothesis of an accident on mafia stories continues to circulate in these hours. In particular, riveting The focus is on Matteo Messina Denaro and Salvatore Bayardo.It was the Graviano brothers’ ex-ice cream buddy who burst onto the scene.First with video He announced a new book and his move to Mediaset. Then, with an article from Domani, in which it was said that it was the “scoop” that concluded the show. Ensure that you receive regular invoices for attendance fees. While Repubblica speaks of €48,000 partly “in black”.

Fees that are billed regularly

In fact, it all starts with the “prophecy” of Messina Denarau. Before his arrest, Bayardo assumed that the last member of the Corleone family was ill. And he is about to die. This is nothing new: Investigators’ reports have been dealing with U Siccu’s health for some time. Assuming there are serious diseases, but not colon cancer. Palermo prosecutor Maurizio de Lucia responded to him (and others) speaking of “Antimafia flat-earthers”. But Florence prosecutors investigating the 1993 massacres hear Giletti as a witness. They also asked Bayardo to talk about his meeting with Paolo Berlusconi in Milan after Grafianos’ arrest. while another of the Corleonesi denied him about his illness: “He must have guessed.” Now, Doumani writes, there is talk of him appearing at La7 again. It is the “regular billing” fee that is confirmed by the production of the program.

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The alleged investigation into the €48,000 ‘in black’

On the other hand, La Repubblica reports on an investigation opened in Florence regarding the remuneration received from the program and its statements. There is talk of at least 48 thousand euros, the newspaper writes, part of which is being paid “in black”. Giletti popped the question yesterday, when the conductor said “It’s a mistake that I paid Byardo personally”, admitting – explaining that it was a treat meant for everyone – to pay part of the production to the guests. Certainly, Fremantle, Non è l’Arena’s production company, paid Byardo with bank credit and an invoice. Tomorrow he adds that Giletti will tell prosecutors in Florence that Bayardo will show him pictures of the meeting between Berlusconi and the Graviano brothers and General Delfino. The former ice cream man denies everything: “I was also searched, but the judges found nothing.”

Searches and investigations (negation)

Yesterday Bayardo announced his new book and his arrival to Mediaset when the Giletti case had yet to break out. In a later video, he said that when the program was suspended, he “expected everything. Even Rai will not give him the contract.” The Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office denies searches and investigations into “Non è l’Arena”. Marco Lello explains the fact that Gilletti was heard twice by Florentine prosecutors. On December 19 and February 23 this year. A few months ago, his protection level was upgraded. Next Monday’s episode was supposed to deal with Antonio Dali, the former agent of Forza Italia. Final judgment of the Mafia Association. D’Al belonged to a family that owned the largest landholding in Sicily at Castelvetrano. Among his camp (that is, those who organized the work of the peasants) included first Francesco Messina Denaro and then his son Matteo alternated.

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Marcelo Dell’Utri

Il Fatto Quotidiano also claims that Giletti wanted to base other programs on the role of Marcello Dell’Utri. Even the historic manager of Berlusconi was found guilty of belonging to the mafia. According to the journalist, the indictment hypothesis (which has not yet been proven) related to the 1993 massacres is taboo on television. Giletti wanted to break the ban. She is also working on the valuations for the first capitals from Fininvest. But Travalio also gives rise to other hypotheses about the programme’s closure. The first is advertisers’ dissatisfaction with the quota, as well as the transmission costs. However, Auditel conceded an average of between 4.8% and 5%: numbers that aren’t negative according to Giletti. Then there are negotiations with Rai. who will tangle with Fabio Fazio. Who will move to Discovery, leaving Giletti an empty slot in the public television schedule.

Advertisers, moving to Al-Rai, angered Cairo

La Stampa also starts from this premise. He claims that it was the contacts with public television that drove Cairo into a rage. Who, knowing that Giletti would return to Viale Mazzini from next year, would have accelerated the transition by suspending transmission. Like the presidents of football clubs who exclude coaches or kick players out of the squad. A hypothesis that is hardly credible in the absence of other evidence. If only because in this way the publisher shoots himself in the foot. He puts himself in a bad light, both with the audience and with the other hosts.

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