Courtesy list, Australian influencer: “He’s sexist.” Krakow: “An exaggerated accusation”

Courtesy list, Australian influencer: “He’s sexist.”  Krakow: “An exaggerated accusation”

The Discord List This time she has a face Abby ChatfieldAustralian influencer and radio presenter on vacation with her Venice boyfriend Chi indignant on Instagram for card without price Pick up at the Club del Doge restaurant: old habit Prevalent not only in Italy – in Peru, in 2019, a restaurant was fined for this – especially in haute cuisine that requires a man to pay the bill. This made her scream patriarchal. Now Chatfield will be attacked by Lots of angry Italians That they would write to her for tutorials: Guys, admit it Discrimination on the basis of sexHe writes in his stories. The topic seems small but it is huge in fact, it calls into question Couples relationships, strength, etiquette, and courage. It never hurts, but in 2022 it can’t be determined upstream: Pay whoever he wants, whoever calls, whoever can. or split. Anyway, given the commotion The restaurant apologized: We are sorry that we caused inconvenience to the guest. We will take advantage of our mistake to improve ourselves. We will now ask all customers which card they prefer.

Krakow: We give everyone the same menu, except for specific orders

Not the first time courtesy list Controversial: In 2017, the criticobserver Jay Rayner crushed Le Cinq in Paris (also) for this. In recent months, influencer T-Hask has competed with the Boeucc of Milan and Agustina Gandolfo, girlfriend of footballer Lautaro, took him out in Ladies Listto Various Italian clubs, spreading in this case a flap of Krakow Restaurant. The episode Vicenza’s chef doesn’t mention: No one has ever complained to us – he explains -. And if a customer came out and commented differently, I can’t do anything about it. But we provide at least 4-5 years Menu with prices at all, unless there is an express request to avoid it. Before that, there was, in fact, the custom of bringing a regular menu and a courtesy menu to the table, Now there is no male or femaleThere are only special needs we meet. Krakow Then he defends his colleagues in the gun: Unless they reject the other menu they once asked for, it seems to me that the charge of sexism is exaggerated: they did this gesture i got lost.

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Burton, Oldani, Varese, Klugmann: Chefs’ opinions

Here, the feeling that often follows Usually without much sedationas he explains himself Andrea Burton, one Michelin star in Milan: we give the “blind” list to women by default, as usual. But in reality, if two women go in, you get them at the prices. And it happens that someone, if they do not see it completed, gets upset, then we immediately replace it. The Personally, I will give it to everyone at the pricesWe also discussed this issue with the staff recently and decided to proceed as usual. but a little anachronism Also because, if you think about husbands, one out of four receipts is paid to a woman. David Oldani Do not distinguish Al D’O: old idea That women do not see the prices. Viviana Varese The pace of da Viva has changed for ten years: once The school has been taught to give the menu without prices to women. But fortunately things have progressed and Customers are angry today. Even the wine list: it goes to the center or whoever orders it, and it never goes to the guy by default. Antonia Klugman To the Venc categorical dam: The idea that women don’t pay is old fashioned. In 17 years, I have never delivered a menu without prices, unless I was asked to. I myself, if I were a guest, would like to know how much the other pays.

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