With a revitalized atmosphere

With a revitalized atmosphere

the new People’s Army From Terrace band planet nu,The path to Pluto“(U98 music), it has been boiling and will see the light next September, but, before that, you can enjoy some tastes as with the theme”fireworks“, the first preview that sees the light on Tuesday via the usual platforms such as Spotify, YouTube or Apple Music. As its members explain, this first song is “with a clear voice Disco effect And one Retro aesthetics“, transitions into a festive atmosphere Midsummer’s Eve“Exploring the theme of sex through astrological analogies and using the universe as a stage for a game of seduction and fleeting emotion.”

This formation, which “came out” a year ago and which first left its mark with another act called “Planeta Nou”, also recorded with U98, in this case with five songs, consisting of Yes HemetWho contributes his voice and “his passion for the melodies that tell his stories”; Mark MonzonesWho weaves rhythms with his trumpet. Mark GarciaWhich provides depth from below; Oscar Jorbawhich balances from the battery; Eugene CorcheroMaster of keyboards. I John GonzalezWho gives shape with his guitar.

Stylistic range

“We like to think that in this second work we have continued to open up our stylistic range, while strengthening the group’s sound,” Humet explains. On “Camí de Pluto,” then, “the sound is more unified throughout the EP, but we’ve opened up to other styles” and can be found “from Stone Even more music UrbanaPassing through Pop Which actually came from the first EP,” points out the singer of this group from Terrasse.

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“Fireworks” arose from a creative game between the singer and Corchero. The keyboardist composed the instrumental theme, and sent the track, inspired by artificial intelligence methodologies, to Humit. This challenge was the seed for “everything the song became,” showcasing the creative power and originality that defines the band.

Planeta Nou, which began its journey with the challenge of representing a combination of current pop music with the charisma of the world Mixing Subordinate 1980s, will release their second EP with six tracks, “each of which seeks to expand and diversify the band’s sonic range.” With this new work, the local formation invites us to accompany them in their life and musical journey “in search of a new planet to start over and try not to make the same mistakes we made on Earth”. They say it’s a trip that wants to serve as an excuse to “portray the most famous tales in the form of songs cut from a notebook.”

Entrance door

Thus, “Fireworks” serves as the gateway to this new adventure and becomes an “invitation” to join us in his exploration of new sonic textures and profound meditations. “Camí de Pluto” has been recorded, and before its final show, after the summer, it is very possible to enjoy it a little more, with some other songs on the platforms.

that September It has a lot of new tracks, starting with the return of the daily machines after the holiday break. For this Egaren nightly lineup, “each song is another step in our adventure to connect with you, share our dreams and celebrate the richness of human existence.”

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