March 23, 2023

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Coppa Italia: Spezia three, Atalanta in the second round. 1-0 to Parma, Parma gives Inter. Live: at 21 o’clock Udinese Monza | first page

After yesterday’s races, I Italian Cup Round of 32 Continue today with three more games.

Spezia Brescia 3-1 – Two episodes of Strelich and Verdi – the first as a player after injury – sent Spezia to the second round of the Italian Cup. Guti’s team wins 3-1 against Brescia which is not really dangerous and will face Gasperini’s Atalanta in mid-January.. The Juventus coach unexpectedly lined up in the 2000 Sanca class from the first minute as a left winger at 4-2-3-1, starting off a few minutes later in Serie A; The team light was Daniele Verdi who returned as the protagonist from the start after a muscle problem that kept him away for a long time.
The 2000 David Strelke double was decisiveAnd it is the second in a row after one with the Slovakia under-21 team in the European Championship qualifiers. Arrived in the summer of 2021 for just under 2 million, this season he had already scored – only – in the Coppa Italia in the first round against Como. For Brescia, Moreo is close in time, but of little use.

Parma – Bari (6 pm) parma parischeduled for 6 p.m., is the match between two teams that will play for promotion to the Second Division during the year: The Blues win 1-0Thanks to the winning title Benedichak In half an hour and in rallies crows. He will face the DukeInter to the second round.

Udine Monza (21:00) – On 21 Udinese – Monza, a challenge between two teams with a distance of 11 points in the standings: the Bianconeri are in the European region and in the last two weeks also they lost some positions after two consecutive draws, the change of coach with the arrival of Palladino did well at Monza who won before the knockout with Empoli Three consecutive races outside the relegation zone. In mid-August, Udinese won 2-1 in the league while Beto and Odoji reversed Colbani’s advantage. Who will win will face Juventus.

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