Euroleague Match 4: Milan went out with Efes 75-70. Olympia outside Europe

Euroleague Match 4: Milan went out with Efes 75-70.  Olympia outside Europe

In the evening’s best for Datome, the leading scorer with 21 points, Messina must surrender in a heart-pounding final with two wrong strokes that could extend the life of the series.

AX Milano leaves the scene touching achievement, with full honors, against current Efes champion, 75-70. A very tight race in Sinan Erdem with Olympia flirting with success in opening the fourth period thanks to the great Datome, in the end Micic and Pleiss are the Turkish champions who snatched the F4 ticket.


The first flashes of the match long IFES, Moormann and Bliss open the field, German bomb 8-0. Milan interacts with the eternal Rodriguez-Heinz axis, Larkin releases the voids from the arc, Hall for at least 4, 8-4. Milan’s defense rises when they try to close the area, and two inventions by Micic give a two-digit advantage to the hosts, 14-4. Datome enters and Fenerbahçe’s previous hits give new life to the red and white attack, a blow from the excellent Ricci and a minus 8, 19-11. Olimpia’s comeback continues and also benefits from Micic’s second foul, Datome is a hammer coming back under AX, 21-16. Magical moment for guests who only own one property after Tarczewski’s flying basket, a fire from Micic brings Ataman’s men back to +8, 28-20. Patiently attacking Milan who accuses Eves’ defense of mistakes, Hall and Datome keep Ettore Messina’s forces in contact, 34-30 with the torpedo from the former Bamberg corner. Unleash AX laying the arrow with the usual massive Datome, now the red and white attack no less than the chronometer, Hines with a flick at 38-39. The totem of Olimpia, the great protagonist of the latter half, is always ahead of AX in period 42-43.

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exciting ending

Even after a long and intense pause for Ettore Messina’s men repelling the first attack of the Turks, Pentel for 47-46. Efes counts on Micic’s talent, Pleiss is the X-factor for the hosts, triple the Germans for most 8, 56-48. The usual indomitable Datome is the antidote to extinguish the arrows in the hosts’ karare, Hines fights like a lion in the colored area and repels three consecutive attacks by the hosts, 56-50. Eves does not score from the field for more than 5 minutes, a gift from the trio, ignored by Anderson worth more than 8, 60-52. AX suffers but always has technical answers and pride, Rodriguez with fury no less than 4, 62-58. Great job by Tarczewski too, giving Hines precious minutes of rest, Datome and Shields silenced home fans, 62-64. Smells 5 AX sweat fueling defensive pressure, and Ricci brings Milan’s margin to 4, 62-66. The Turks are clinging to the Pleiss-Micic duo roaring for another part of the match, and there’s kind of an overtime play at 35′, 68-68. The challenge flared up and Sinan Erdem’s incitement shout rose, and three freemen from Singleton gave their breaths to the Ataman men. Milan throws every drop of energy into Hall’s parquet and the Shields unleashes the final attacks on the iron, with Larkin empty-handed, 75-70.

Istanbul Pleiss 25, Micic 20, Larkin 8
Milan Datum 21, Heinz 10, Hall 9

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