The official wireless controller is practically not available in Europe –

The official wireless controller is practically not available in Europe –

As reported on the ResetEra forums apparently in recent weeks Xbox Wireless Controller Administrator From Microsoft They are almost completely can’t get it In stores, especially online.

The report takes the Netherlands and France as an example, but then many users in the series confirmed the low availability of the standard console in other countries as well, includingItalia. In the same way, even official battery packs seem to be unavailable.

We checked, and in fact, the Xbox console is not available in Italy from Amazon, Gamestop (used only), Unieuro, Mediaworld, Euronics, as well as the Microsoft Store. On the contrary, the Elite variant and many third-party platforms are available without difficulty.

Official Xbox console

even in United States of America The console is not available on and GameStop (so here used or only refurbished), but on the other hand it can be purchased from other retailers, such as Target and BestBuy.

The reasons behind the limited availability of official Xbox consoles are not clear. There are those who say that Microsoft is deliberately running out of available stocks in light of releasing a revision of the board with small internal changes, a bit like the consoles. But to know for sure, we’ll just have to wait for any official communications from the Redmond giant.

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