Djokovic’s diet crucial to Wimbledon win: What Serbian champion Kook eats

Djokovic’s diet crucial to Wimbledon win: What Serbian champion Kook eats

At the age of 35, Novak Djokovic does not intend to stop and continues to achieve significant successes in the world of tennis. Just yesterday, he won his 21st title, victorious on the sacred grass at WimbledonThe sport’s finest tournament. But what is the secret of the Serbian tennis player? On the pitch, his mental strength and impressive strokes often helped him recover from disadvantage against his younger, more talented opponents. Just as it happened with Janic Sener, He lost in the quarter-finals in a long and arduous match (mentally and physically). And in the final, where he was able to defeat naughty boy Nick KyrgiosAnd the Regrouping a bunch of defects. With the racket relentless, but put down the tool, loom practice yoga and tai chi and is famous delicate lifestyle it’s a specific diet. Nutrition is an essential building block for success, for him digestion dysfunction He chose it for several years Don’t eat meat. Not just for ethical reasons.

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