Djokovic loses his nerve at the Australian Open

Djokovic loses his nerve at the Australian Open

Melbourne Australia) – eternity Novak Djokovic Achieves the 30th consecutive victory for… Australian Open Championship Beat the house idol in 4 sets alexey popyrin, But he became the protagonist in a heated confrontation with a fan in the stands. The Serbian champion managed to take the game home and there was no shortage of tense moments at one point Rod Laver Arren All to support the Australian tennis player. Among the admirers, Knoll identified one troubling person and turned toward him with particular persistence.

Djokovic loses his temper

10 times champion Dell Australian Open He survived a tense third set tiebreak to save four set points while… Popperine He was trying to take the lead two sets to one. Before applying, Djokovic He paused, challenging the heckler identified in the audience: “Come and tell me to my face” He shouted as he walked towards part of the Australian arena. Moments of tension with the 36-year-old who then resumed the fourth set, significantly improving his performance, as if the discussion with the audience was what ignited the spark. a Djokovic Who lost his nerve and got back on track with a 6-4, 4-6, 7-6, 6-3 victory in just over three hours.

Great sinner at the Australian Open

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