Italian Warships to China – Il Tempo

Italian Warships to China – Il Tempo

Italy is also on the field in one of the most sensitive matches in the geopolitical scenario, one in which China is determined to reconquer the island of Taiwan by force. At the request of the United States, we will begin new naval patrol and military missions in the Pacific. Washington calls, Rome answers. “When in recent days the Chief of the Defense Staff Giuseppe Cavo Dragone went to Washington to meet with his counterpart Mark Milli, there was clearly talk of a Rammstein meeting of the contact group to help Kiev, where Italy provides significant support for air defences,” Repubblica rebuilds . But also on the table was American concern about Chinese maneuvers in Taiwan, “also because Xi ordered his army to prepare to invade the island by 2027.”

Who rules in Europe.  Scenarios overturned by war, what does Caracciolo know

Thus, the Americans asked the allies to send a signal to Beijing “at the political and military level,” as the article states. what is he talking about? Morosini, an Offshore Patrol-class ship, had already left in early April for a five-month campaign in the Far East that would take her to Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India and the South China Sea, where she was Beijing. Build bases for a long time. Moreover, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy, Giuseppe Perotti Bergotto, recently announced that between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, the Navy will send an aircraft carrier squadron that includes Cavour, its escorting destroyer, a frigate and a cruise ship. Supply, in the Indo-Pacific region, up to Japan.

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Important military activities, China makes Taiwan tremble.  tension with the United States

In addition, the Joint Forces Summit Executive Command has already sent an exploratory mission to Seoul and Tokyo, to identify possible participation in ground exercises with special forces units, and a tour of Italian F35s by the end of the year. In Japan, Korea and Singapore. In short, the war in Ukraine unites NATO, and Italy is called upon to make its contribution outside the Mediterranean region.

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