First from Italy, US success over Cuba – OA Sport

First from Italy, US success over Cuba – OA Sport

Two games played on this new day of Harlem Baseball Week, but certainly not the number of two feelings. On the one hand, the Italian national team finally defeated the team from Curaçao, and on the other hand, the one presented by the largest possible American confrontation, the one between the United States and Cuba.

The latter ended with a score of 2-0 in favor of the Stars and Stripes team. Basically, it all boils down to just one round, the third inning, with singles first Gonzalez and then Langford signing what turns out to be the end result.

Baseball: Italy scores their first win at Harlem Week 2022: Curaçao wins 5-3

Cuba has the greatest chance of reopening the situation in the fourth round, but with Ayala in third and only one against him, first Benítez Perez and then Brito Gonzalez end up with victims of strikes that don’t help the island’s cause in any way.

Tomorrow Italy will return to the field at 12:00 against Japan, in preparation for a very special day. This is because, after Curaçao and Cuba at 15:30, the Harlem fans will be able to follow the highly anticipated Holland and the United States, one of the two main challenges for the Orange team at this event.


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