A plan to tackle the climate crisis. Biden’s latest move

A plan to tackle the climate crisis.  Biden’s latest move


Petro says Biden ‘interested’ in ‘wealth redistribution agenda for climate crisis’

Biden is “interested” in a plan to pressure the International Monetary Fund and other global banking institutions to offer debt relief to countries that pledge to invest in combating the so-called “climate crisis”. Instead, Biden expressed support for Petro’s “comprehensive” approach to drug trafficking in the joint statement released yesterday.

Petro announces a military alliance with Venezuela to counter the National Liberation Army

He did so last night, as soon as he returned from the White House, where Biden welcomed him as a “great ally.”

Colombia: Attorney General reveals that Petro wants to change the constitution

Bolstered by Biden’s support, Petro has upped the ante.

Leoner Azuaji’s wife seeks asylum at the Spanish and Peruvian embassies: “He saved my life”

Claudia Pimentel, companion of the former President of the Boletarian Republic of Venezuela, Leonir Hugues Urrea, who “committed suicide” by the regime two days after announcing his arrest on charges of alleged corruption, yesterday asked for his protection from the Spanish and Peruvian embassies in Caracas. . “I ask for the protection of the Peruvian government, because I am a Peruvian without dual citizenship. My daughters are too. I also ask for the protection of the Spanish embassy for my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law. They also need protection because we don’t know what’s going on (…) I need them to give us asylum, I need them to protect us,” she pleaded in a video on social media. Pimentel said she feared for her life when she was summoned to the Public Prosecutor’s Office on Urdaneta Street, which is why she decided to hide in an unknown location.

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Venezuela: It was revealed that the body of Leoner Hugaz Urea had bruises and visible signs of torture

Crime reporter Javier Ignacio Mallorca reported on his blog Crimenes sin punishment that sources from the Belo Monte morgue told him that the corpse had bruises in the middle and lower part of the abdomen, and scratches in the right intercostal region and in the forearms; He also showed signs of torture on the soles of his feet. For the Public Prosecutor of Chavista, on the other hand, the result of the autopsy carried out would have concluded that “the citizen died of mechanical asphyxiation due to a constriction of his neck by hanging” and, therefore, he would have “committed suicide”. .

Paolo Manzo. April 22, 2023

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