Ukraine heats up Russia-US front “Serious consequences if Moscow does not stop”

Threats and calls for diplomacy. Stick and carrot. The U.S.-Russia lead is heating up on the day of the meeting between the leaders of the two ambassadors, Anthony Blinken and Sergei Lavrov, who met for talks in Stockholm yesterday. “If Russia decides to continue the conflict with Ukraine, there will be dire consequences,” the US Secretary of State warned, adding that “diplomacy is the best way to avoid a crisis.” “The United States has a strong and unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Blingen said. But Russia responds in the same currency. “Ignoring our legitimate concerns, dragging Ukraine into US geopolitical games, in the context of the deployment of NATO forces near Russia’s borders, is forcing Moscow to take retaliatory measures, including adjusting the strategic-military balance. “We can only react if the US imposes them.”

They both use rock heart lathes when calling diplomacy. “Russia is open to the possibility of US intervention in resolving the crisis in Ukraine,” he added. “We are eager to join the efforts to resolve the Ukrainian crisis,” said the diplomat in Moscow.

The fate of two American prisoners in Ukraine, the Caucasus, Iranian nuclear power and Russia: At the meeting table between US and Russian diplomatic leaders in the Swedish capital, issues that characterize bilateral relations between the two powers were discussed. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Nate Price said: “Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, including its military maneuvers near Ukraine’s border, has been handled by Secretary – General Blingen. The Secretary-General stressed the need for Russia to withdraw its troops and return to a state of peace, and for a ceasefire in the Minsk Accords and the Donbass. He emphasized that the decision to pursue Minsk agreements was a diplomatic one, and said that the United States was ready to support the process.

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The EU also makes its voice heard through EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Joseph Borrell, who said he was “particularly concerned about the stability of Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, and the recent military strengthening of a part of Russia. Near the border.” Ukraine is committed to its support for independence, unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity. “

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