Israel – Hamas is at war, today’s news | Hamas releases two Israeli women; The White House: “Now is not the time” for a ceasefire in Gaza

Israel – Hamas is at war, today’s news |  Hamas releases two Israeli women;  The White House: “Now is not the time” for a ceasefire in Gaza

• It is the eighteenth day of the war: more than 5,000 Palestinians, 1,400 Israelis, and 222 hostages have been killed in the Gaza Strip.
• Hamas announced the release of two other women.
• Italian Israelis Nir Forti and Lilach Leah Havron died
• “Stop, stop”: The Pope’s appeal against the war in the Middle East.
• Words and abbreviations for understanding conflict: Glossary.
• Explain the history of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

07:08 – Israel: “Bombed more than 400 Hamas targets in Gaza.”

She was In the past 24 hours, more than 400 Hamas targets were bombed in the Strip. The military spokesman announced this, explaining that they had been eliminated Dozens of Hamas men About to launch missiles and carry out attacks against Israel. The training camps were concentrated in particular in the neighborhoods of Al-Shuja’iya, Al-Shati’, Jabalia, Daraj Al-Tuffah, and Al-Zaytoun. Command centers in mosques used by Hamas were also bombed. The deputy commanders of the Nuseirat, Al-Shati, and Al-Furqan brigades were killed.

03.22 am – United States: “This is not the time for a ceasefire” in Gaza

The “message” from Joe Biden “to Hamas was clear: Free all hostages. This should be the first step. Let’s not talk about a ceasefire now. We do not believe that this is the appropriate time for a ceasefire.” This was stated by the spokesman for the White House National Security Council, John Kirby, to CNN, commenting on the president’s words that the hostages must be released first. Then we can talk about a ceasefire.

China recognizes that Israel has the right to do soSelf-defense Against Hamas. In a phone call yesterday with his counterpart Eli Cohen, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, “Every country has the right to defend itself, but it must do so.” Respect international humanitarian law And protect civilians,” in the report published by the New China News Agency (Xinhua) overnight. Beijing has been criticized For his position on the war and his failure to condemn Hamas for the bloody attack that occurred on October 7. Wang’s assessments came on the eve of his visit to Washington (October 26-28) to lay the foundations for the Biden-Xi summit.

China will support “firmly.” Whatever can and will do everything in their power to promote peace Reconciliation between Palestine and Israel“It is necessary for him to avoid this,” Wang added The situation is getting worse It causes more serious humanitarian difficulties” in the wake of a conflict “that affects the entire world and involves an important choice between war and peace.” China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported that China “is deeply concerned about the continuation of this situation.” Conflict escalates The situation has worsened, and I am deeply saddened by the large number of civilian casualties,” he expressed his condemnation of “all actions that harm civilians” and opposition to “any Violation of international law».

Wang stressed that the painful lesson of the crisis is that “only by adhering to the concept of common security can we help achieve this.” Sustainable securityOnly by committing to a political solution can the full resolution of concerns regarding Israel’s legitimate security be facilitated. The two-state solutionIn this context, “it is the consensus of the international community” and the hope is that “the two sides can consider the current situation as well as the long-term interests for peace and security shared by future generations.” Wang concluded that the goal “is to get back on track for a two-state solution as soon as possible.” Resuming peace talks Achieving peaceful coexistence between Palestine and Israel,” as well as “harmonious coexistence between the Arab and Jewish nations.”

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02.44 am – Biden is concerned about the Israeli action plan for Gaza

The Biden administration fears that Israeli forces are not prepared to launch a life and land operation in Gaza with a successful plan. It was reported by the New York Times, citing some sources, according to what it quoted To destabilize the White House It is also Israel’s lack of Achievable military objectives In the sector. The administration insists it did not tell Israel what to do, but the Pentagon sent Marine Gen. James Glenn and other officers to Israel to help. Providing assistance and advice to Israeli forces.

01.34 am – Obama warns Israel that the operation in Gaza may backfire

Barack Obama Warns Israel: The ground operation in Gaza may backfire if Palestinian civilians are not protected. can be made «Exacerbating the worsening humanitarian crisis» In the sector: “The world is following the events and… Any Israeli military strategy ignores the human cost “It would backfire,” the former president says on Medium. “The decision to cut off food, water and electricity to stranded civilian populations not only threatens to exacerbate the humanitarian crisis, but may lead to… Tightening the position of the Palestinians “For generations, it erodes global support for Israel, plays into the hands of Israel’s enemies, and jeopardizes long-term efforts to achieve peace and stability in the region,” Obama said, noting that “it is important for all those who support Israel in this matter.” When needed, encourage this strategy Eliminate Hamas “At the same time, minimizing civilian casualties.”

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00:34- Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: Hamas releases two women

Hamas releases two more hostages From captivity. They were released yesterday evening from the Rafah crossing Two old womenand Yoshved Lifshitz and Nurit Cooper, from Israel’s Kibbutz Nir Oz. And the two women, according to preliminary information, respectively 85 and 79 years old. Hamas announces that it has taken this decision “For humanitarian reasons” After the mediation of Egypt and Qatar, just as happened last Friday when Yehudit and Natalie Raanan, the American citizen mother and daughter, were released. However, the women’s husbands are still in the Gaza Strip. According to some sources close to the negotiations, discussions have taken place about this matter About fifty hostages were freed But the negotiations did not go well for him Fuel not arriving In the Gaza Strip.

– Yocheved Lifshitz and Nurit Cooper

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