Massacre in Belgium, car cuts through crowd: 6 dead and 2 young men from Agrigento at the wheel

Massacre in Belgium, car cuts through crowd: 6 dead and 2 young men from Agrigento at the wheel

Two young men, aged 32 and 34, from the province of Agrigento, specifically from Cometini, are responsible for the carnival massacre in Strepy-Bracquegnies, a village in the department of La Louviere in Walloon Belgium. A car carrying the two men collided with the crowd, leaving 6 dead and 27 injured, ten of whom were seriously injured. The victims, all of Belgian nationality, had surnames of Italian origin, and therefore it is not excluded that some of them had dual citizenship: they are Frederic D’Andrea, Fred Cicero, Laurie Garra, Mario Cascarano, Michaela and Salvatore Imperial. Among the wounded was Louvier Museum advisor Antonio Gaffa, who had a broken foot and a sprained knee.
The massive investment is still not justified. The two residents of La Louviere, born to immigrant parents, aged 32 and 34, have been arrested. According to rumors of local newspapers, the driver Paolo Falzone underwent toxicology tests. His cousin Nino Falzone is with him on a big black BMW.

Munger deputy attorney general Damien Verhein explained that it was not even clear whether it was a voluntary gesture or not and that there would be an investigation into the murder.

However, several witnesses reported that the car sped off at full speed and sped through the crowd, not even trying to brake.

“The motorcade consisted of 150-200 people – as the mayor of La Louvière Jacques Gobert said – and was traveling along the Rue Saint-Julien when it split in two on the Rue des Canadiens to reach the city centre. At that moment a car came from behind at high speed and hit a number of people. Too many people “disaster”.

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Carnival celebrations stopped immediately, the first after a two-year hiatus imposed by the pandemic. The Strepy-Bracquegnies event opened at 4 a.m. with the start of the Gilles gathering, the house-to-house pass of traditional local carnival masks. The car crashed into the cheering crowd at about five o’clock. The most seriously injured were taken to hospitals in Charleroi and Mons, the capital of the province of Walloon Hainaut.

The others were brought to the Municipal Sports Hall where an aid point was set up for the families of the victims where King Philip arrived in the afternoon with Princess Elizabeth and Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo, for a moment of gathering with relatives and greetings. rescue men.


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