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From Massimo Gaggi

The announcement, made by the Albany District Attorney, came three days before the hearing for the former New York state’s governor

accused of Inappropriate sexual acts and assaults (touching women who depend on his desk), In August, Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign As Governor of New York State, but He won’t go to jail for disputed crimes. The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office had already given up charging him with an unidentified police charge from his escort: she was touched in the stern of an elevator. Soon, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office dismissed the state hospice case During the first wave of the pandemic, many elderly people died Kumo’s enemies attribute it to incorrect orders Gave it to him in the winter of 2020.

The most insidious case, which also suddenly exploded, remained after the Attorney General of the State of New York, Letitia James, a democracy like a ruler, accused of abusing up to 11 women: Brittany Commisso, a girl of his staff, filed a criminal complaint stating this a year ago (in 2020) Kumo touched her chest At the governor’s house in Albany (the state capital).

David Soares, the Albany County District Attorney, has been investigating for months and claimed yesterday Insufficient evidence to convict the former ruler (He faced a year in prison). Soares explained that COMESO has credibility, but such cases are difficult to prove and often end in the acquittal of the accused. In fact, the prosecution must prove not only the truthBut also that the perpetrator wanted to satisfy a sexual desire or humiliate the victim.

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For prosecuting offenders, instead of defending the weaker party, women, They turned a blind eye to a politician who still had influential friends. But it must also be said that the case broke out under suspicious circumstances: in many photos Brittany is shown in romantic situations with Cuomo. His accusation came on the heels of James’ (165-page) file accusing Cuomo. The Attorney General was nominated after the governor’s resignation to succeed him (Except, then, for retirement, a few days before). And Comiso’s complaint was collected by the county mayor who bypassed Soares, the competent judicial authority, declaring that the elements that would indict Como were “extremely strong”.

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