It looks like a Ferrari Purusangio, but it’s Japanese: the arrival of an SUV from the auto giant

It looks like a Ferrari Purusangio, but it’s Japanese: the arrival of an SUV from the auto giant

One of Japan’s most important automakers has created an SUV similar to Ferrari’s Borosangyo. Here’s what it looks like.

The SUV is one of the most beloved cars in the world, mainly due to its ability to combine different segments in one vehicle. actually, It is a car with off-road and minivan influences, although there are a number of variants that branch off from the classic SUV. What has left millions of car enthusiasts speechless is the fact that even car manufacturers that produce supercars have started marketing this category of vehicles.

It looks like a Ferrari (

In fact, Lamborghini created the Urus: an extremely powerful car that weighs 2,154 kg and reaches 100 km/h in just over 3 seconds. Ferrari, on the other hand, has bet everything on the Purosangue, a supercar dressed as an SUV thanks to its V12 engine and 775 horsepower.

A Japanese SUV that resembles a Ferrari

Recently, automaker Toyota surprised everyone with its new 230 hp hybrid SUV, which looks a lot like a Ferrari Purusangio for many enthusiasts. However, Toyota controls many brands such as Lexus, Scion, Hino, Daihatsu, and others It owns a sub-brand called Crown. The latter has been around for more than 60 years, but today it is trying to renew itself with new sports cars. In fact, it has recently introduced a series of very attractive cars, more specifically a sedan and three SUVs of different sizes.

Crown Sport (photo on Toyota website) –

However, the smallest of the four is called the Crown Sport: a car similar to the Toyota C-HR seen in Europe, although its dimensions are up to 4.72 metres. But what is most surprising is the design of this model, right from the front It recalls the majestic and powerful lines of the Ferrari BorusangioWhile the rear reminds us of the Mazda RX-7. As for its features, the Crown Sport has a specific suspension system designed to improve the car’s performance and handling. However, it cannot be considered a powerful SUV, as it has a 230 hp hybrid engine, so it is a long way from the performance of the Lamborghini Urus or Ferrari Purosangio.

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Another important feature is the possibility of choosing between a 230 hp hybrid engine and a 2.5-liter hybrid engine. Moreover, the interiors of the Crown Sport feature elegant and refined lines, integrated into a world full of high technology. The element that stands out the most is its own A 12.3-inch screen is located in the center of the passenger compartment, which offers an unparalleled sensation. Unfortunately, this beautiful car will not be sold in Europe, so the Japanese car manufacturer decided to market it in Japan only and in 40 other countries around the world. It costs 5.9 million yen, equivalent to approximately 37,300 euros.

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