Hamas releases two more hostages. Egyptian sources said: “They are about to release fifty of them.” The United States is against the ceasefire: “It is in favor of the Islamists”

Hamas releases two more hostages.  Egyptian sources said: “They are about to release fifty of them.”  The United States is against the ceasefire: “It is in favor of the Islamists”

The third missing Italian-Israeli also died

“Unfortunately Nir Forte also passed away. The last of the three missing Italians was the Israelis. I feel his parents’ pain, as I met them during my visit to Tel Aviv. Dying at the age of 29, brutally at the hands of terrorists, is deeply unfair. I pray for you, young Nir,” Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani announced on Twitter.

UN agency: 35 of our employees were killed in Gaza

The United Nations Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) announced that the number of its employees killed since October 7 in Gaza had risen to 35. The organization wrote on Twitter: “They are not just numbers, they are our friends and colleagues,” stressing that many of them worked as teachers. .

Biden: “Ceasefire? Hamas releases the hostages first

“First the hostages must be released and then we can talk.” US President Joe Biden stated this in response to a question about the ceasefire in Gaza.

Red Cross: “Facilitating the release of the two hostages”

The International Committee of the Red Cross announced that it “facilitated the release of two more hostages by transferring them out of Gaza this evening.” “Our role as a neutral mediator between the warring parties makes this work possible. We stand ready to visit the remaining hostages and facilitate their future release. We are pleased that these people will soon be able to reunite with their families and loved ones,” the memorandum said.

Egyptian media: Hostages released at Rafah crossing

The two elderly women who were released by Hamas arrived at the Rafah crossing, which connects the Gaza Strip to Egypt. This was reported by Egyptian state media.

Tajani: “Missing Italian-Israeli Liliash Le Havron is dead”

“I learned of the death of Lillyach Le Havron, an Italian-Israeli and wife of Ivitar Kipnis, whose body was found in recent days. Both of them disappeared after the Hamas attack. I renew my condolences to the children and family. Another day of mourning for Italy,” Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani announced on Twitter.

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Hamas releases two additional hostages: “for humanitarian reasons”

The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, released two other hostages, the two Israelis, Nurit Ishaq (79 years old) and Yocheved Lifshitz (85 years old). They were taken from their homes in Kibbutz Nir Oz, a few kilometers from the Gaza Strip border. His spokesman, Abu Ubaida, announced in a post on the Telegram application, his release, saying: “We decided to release them for urgent humanitarian and health reasons.” Egypt and Qatar took over the mediation, while Israel did not participate in the negotiations. On Saturday, October 21, the first two prisoners, an American mother and daughter, were released.

Macron in Israel on Tuesday: “I will talk about the birth of a Palestinian state”

During his visit to Israel tomorrow, French President Emmanuel Macron will discuss the establishment of a Palestinian state “as envisaged by the “two-state” hypothesis, which France has always supported.” A source at the Elysee announced this in the evening. The same source specified that Macron – who may also meet with Abu Mazen, President of the Palestinian Authority – will also discuss “decolonization” by Israel. He added that Macron will call during his visit to Israel tomorrow for “the resumption of a real peace process” in order to establish a Palestinian state alongside the Israeli state, which also means “the end of colonialism” in the West Bank. Elysee. “The only way to be useful – continued the presidential sources – is 1) to offer solidarity with Israel 2) to provide very clear commitments against terrorist groups 3) to reopen a political perspective.” During his mission in Tel Aviv, Macron will meet, among others, with Israeli President Isaac Herzog as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Meetings are also scheduled to be held with the families of French Hamas victims.

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