Island 16, Paro Ready to land in Honduras? indiscretion

Island 16, Paro Ready to land in Honduras?  indiscretion

despite of Gf Vip 6 It ended less than a week ago, for barrowthe third-place winner of the reality show Canale 5 may be a new adventure on the infamous Famous Island.

As reported by Influencer Amedeo FenzaIn fact, the noble is about to set off for Honduras and participate in the new version of Celebrity Island.

Also this year she will host a reality show by ilary plassiwho will be on his side Vladimir Luxury And the Nicolas Savino In the shoes of commentators while two thousand (Negative result in covid) will return to fill the role of envoy.

Among the novelties this year is the introduction of drowned couples.

In fact, some VIPs will have the opportunity to raceIsland A loved one to share this intense experience with.

Among them we will find again Carmen de Petro With his ex-son Jevena Gwendalina Tavasi with his brother and Country cousins.

Among those who will participate alone, however, it is surprising to find ourselves barrow. Amedeo FenzaIn fact, he revealed in his Instagram stories that the noble will talk about landing in Honduras in one of the upcoming episodes of the reality show.

also Al Jazeera Such as big brother vip It will be broadcast twice a week, i.e. on Mondays and Thursdays.

However, restraining her will be the primary concern to embark on an extreme adventure like Celebrity Islandespecially since Gf Vip just ended.

Already on that occasion barrow He revealed that he struggled to make it to the end of the show, because the reality of reality would be completely alien to the reality he normally lives in.

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Here are the words Amedeo Fenza About the ability to share barrow to Celebrity Island:

barrow He could land in Honduras in the upcoming episodes… The ex-Vippone is in talks with the production of the reality show but is very reluctant to face yet another rough trial.

To see if the barrow He will really be among the untouchables Celebrity Island We just have to wait for the reality show to start.

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