What happens to the price hike. Important news for Italians

What happens to the price hike.  Important news for Italians

But what happens to the fuel? From tomorrow everything changes! Here’s the latest news on the status of price hikes.

Person refueling the car – Image via Pixabay

the situation expensive fuel It seems more and more unstoppable. In recent days, Italy has been hit by an unprecedented hike in fuel prices.

In fact, it has become almost impossible to find a distributor with lower fuel prices across the country 2 euros.

Italy is literally on its knees with this sudden price hike, in part because global political situation.

situation between Russia And the UkraineIn fact, it has not benefited our country at all, since Russia is one of our main suppliers of oil and gas.

In fact, there are already many companies that have decided to temporarily cut off supplies from the Soviet state, perpetuating the increase in the cost of crude oil per barrel.

An example is seashells, the well-known British multinational company operating in the oil sector, which recently cut off supplies to Russia completely. Choice can lead to a chain reaction of many other companies in this sector.

In short, the situation is not the best and prices are increasingly rising. Fortunately to deal with this situation Draghi government Devise a maneuver to at least partially reduce and avoid costs Implications for the national economy.

Draghi government measure to cut costs and discussion with CGIA

Gasoline price increase
Petrol price at a gas station – Picture from Pixabay

A few hours ago there Press Conference Where is the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mario Draghi Show some guidelines for the plan to cover Reducing fuel costs.

These discounts are made possible by Taxation of additional profits from energy companies. Thanks to this extra profit it will be well cut off 25 cents of the price of diesel and petrol, so as to allow Italians, albeit to a minimum, a respite from continuous increases, such as Dear Bills.

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However, there is no agreement on this Cgia from Mestre Which states that the government can do a lot to reduce costs.

The Mistry Association highlighted how the 25-cent deduction brings the cost of gasoline to about 1.93 euros per liter, and diesel to 1.91 euros per liter. Effective cuts but not enough to give a strong hand to all citizens who use the car.

It must be said that this maneuver costs a lot 800 million euros For the government, a figure that is already high and hardly sustainable. The CGIA proposal would instead be to reduce excise tax at 50%at the cost of gasoline and diesel, 1.78 and 1.74 euros per liter respectively.

But to implement this proposal, the state will have to support it monthly expense Good 1.5 billion eurosa number that is difficult to maintain, given the exact historical period in which we find ourselves.

Most suffer from this situation small vector who have to incur expenses that they will not be able to meet, which results in their actions being punished.

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Just trucks With a total mass greater than 7.5 tonsin fact, they get Partial refund of production fees. However, unfortunately, only 8% of trucks registered in Italy have a mass greater than this figure.

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